Your Dark Rune

A poem painting a story of a twisted man and the damage he does
(Cover by Secrets Unfold)


1. Your Dark Rune

The man she loved? You were never real 
You awoke her senses, you made her feel
But a ghost could only linger for so long
Until then you sung your macabre song

The instrument played? It was a violin
You made her head spin and spin
It wasn't long before she lost her mind
You didn't care, your contract was signed

The contract, you say? It fit the bill
It bound her to be under your will
To lie, to hush up, to never let her be
Because of your love, she was never free

That girl you loved? She never existed
You created her, but then violently twisted
The real her, until she was torn and bled
But that didn't matter; your ego was fed

You say you're empty? Of course you are
But the orchestra can only travel so far
Many became tangled in your foul tune 
Quiet; you've cast enough dark rune.



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