She's Not Afraid

Alex is a new girl that has joined Heathrow Creative Arts School. She makes friends with everyone and is great friends with Harry and his friends. She's not afraid of many things. But is she afraid of falling in love?


1. Alex

Harry's POV

Today's the first day of school. Another year. New people. I can't be bothered getting up. Do i have to do this? I'll get up in 2 minutes.

Niall's POV

Ughh.What time is it? 7:45! I have to be there with the boys at 8:15.

I texted the boys, We're meeting up at 8:15, right?

I got up and brushed my teeth and had a quick shower. I heard my phone bleep several times when i was in the shower but I didn't reply. I got changed and walked outside.

Harry's POV

Oh damnn. It's 8:00 and i'm still not ready. Can't be bothered. I checked my phone and saw 4 messages from the guys. Oops. Checking my phone, I got and got changed. I'm not bothering with my hair. I'm going with the natural curly look ;).

Niall: We're meeting up at 8:15, right?

Louis: Yeah but I think we'll have to wake Zayn up first ;)

Zayn: Lol, i'm already awake.

Liam: Haha first time. Where's Harry?

I ran outside to the place where we were going to meet up at.

Louis's POV

We walked up to the school gates and we were right on time because the bell rang. Harry looked so tired like he just woke up. I hope there's decent people not some uptight cowards. We went inside talking about the match that was on on Saturday.

Niall's POV

"That match was a good one." I said. We went into our form and saw a bunch of new people. Today we were going to have form for a hour so we just take it as 'a while to catch up on life'. Nothing really interests me. If we have to stay quiet i just day dream about food. ;)

Harry's POV

"We're going to spend an hour in form today so we get to know a bit about these new people and to sort out your timetable for the day. So what are your names? I'm Miss Hall by the way." Miss Hall explained and looked at the new kids.

"I'm Ali." The boy had black hair and he smiled and quickly looked down.

"I'm James." He had dirty blonde straight hair that nearly covered his eyes. He glanced at the class and looked away.

"I'm Isabelle." She had blonde short hair. She started to bite her hair.

"I'm Claire." She had brown short hair but hid behind the girl that was about to introduce herself.

They all must be really nervous. That's completely normal. A person that isn't nervous on their first day is different. I'd love to meet someone who is confident.

"My name is Alex." She beamed at everyone and kept smiling at everyone. She was DIFFERENT. Something about her was different. Something was different about her to the other people she was stood by. She had medium length silky,brown hair that was straight.

Miss Hall gave them all seats. There were only a couple of seats around the room and one empty one next to me. "Alex, you sit here." Miss Hall said. She nodded and smiled at me.

"Hey." She said. "Hey." I said. We began talking about how the holidays were. She was really interesting and easy to talk to.

Alex's POV

"So what things do you like?" I asked Harry.

"I like Music and playing sports. What about you?" I replied.

"Well I like singing and listening to music, i love drama and i love art." She answered.

"So you basically like the creative arts section."

I nodded. I didn't notice it until now that his eyes were green. I kept staring in to his eyes and probably made him feel awkward because he looked away.

Harry's POV

She blushed and went pink. Then Zayn nudged me and started laughing at me. "I guess you made a new friend." He kept raising his eyebrow at me and the rest of the guys looked at me. I laughed. When I turned around, I noticed that Alex wasn't there. I noticed that a group of girls called her over and were all talking to her. She's so talkative.

The girls were all giggling and chatting to her and she was the centre of attention. She didn't mind. But then a group of boys kept staring at her. Then the bell went.

Alex's POV

The first lesson on my timetable was Maths. Ughhhh. I don't like Maths. Well.. It's better than Geography at least. Well, i went my maths class with my new friends. There was about four of them and now there was another four from other forms. They were all nice.

We had to line up outside our Maths Classroom. I was chatting to Claire and Grace. Grace had red hair which was in a fishtail braid. We were talking about the new makeup release when a tall lady who had a piece of paper told us to be quiet. She asked us our names and one by one she told us where we had to sit according to her seating plan. Oh damn! I wish i sit next to someone who will talk or someone who is clever in maths. I've never been good at maths to my opinion.

My turn came up and she told me to sit next to this boy who i've never seen before. I sat down and he gave me an open mouthed smile. But next to me was a empty seat and was wishing with all my heart. The guy next to me had dirty blonde hair which was spiked up. I put my head down. But when i put my head back up, there was a boy, who i remembered was in the same form as me in the morning.

"Hey, i'm Louis."

"Hey.. I'm Alex." I said. He smiled at me. We started talking about how much we both hated maths.

"Today, we're are going to be doing about algebra." The teacher said. Ughhh. Me and Louis both sighed loudly and everyone looked at us. We burst out laughing. In front of me was Harry. The boy who I talked to in form. He was laughing along with us. The teacher gave us 'that warning look'. We covered our mouths and we were still laughing.

At Break

Harry's POV

It was raining and was freezing outside today so me and the guys sat inthe canteen. Liam was the only one drinking hot chocolate. There was giggles and loads of laughing from the other table behind me. The guys started looking at what was happening behind me. I turned around. There was Alex and about 10 girls just focussing on her and talking to her and giggling at everything she said. Today was her first day right? She wasn't as nervous as anyone else. In fact she was behaving as if she'd been in this school for years. She was different. On the other tables around her, people were looking and staring at her as if she was some kind of angel. Well she was to me. She weren't afraid of all the attention.

"Guys, don't we need to invite a few people to our party tomorrow night?" Liam asked.

"Yeah some guys." Zayn replied.

"What about any girls?" Niall said.

"Ooh okay. We'll invite Alex and some of her friends." Louis finally spoke. We all agreed and went to her table.

Alex's POV

Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam came to our table. "Hey." I said.

"We were thinking if you and your friends wanted to come to our party tomorrow night." Louis said.

"Yeah sure. Are you guys gunna come?" She looked at the girls and nodded.

"Then see you there." Louis added. All of them were really friendly. Can't wait for that party! :D

I know this chapter's long and there's alot of POV switch. Tell me if you like it so i know when to add more chapters (regularly or often) and don't be afraid of commenting.

P.S Yeah it is kind of about the song 'She's Not Afraid' from the 'Take me Home' album. Haha needed ideas :)

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