Marriage at Sixteen


"Oh, rich kids get anything they want! I'm so jealous!"

"I know! Oh my God, like why couldn't God have made me rich? I'd be so happy with my life."

No. You wouldn't be happy. Sure, you'll get anything you want. Except love and happiness. The only thing rich kids actually wish for, but can't have.


1. Chapter 1

"Madame, please, your parents requested for you to wear this dress for dinner tonight."

"For the last time, Meredith, I'm not wearing a dress." I slipped on my doc martens and sat down on the bed. The last thing I wanted was to wear some ugly pink dress and high heels for a short amount of time.

My maid, Meredith, sighed, "We can't help it, can we?"

I grinned at her. Meredith was always there for me whenever my parents weren't. They've always told me not to get so friendly with our maids because you never know if they'll be gone the next day. Although, my parents learned to trust Meredith and let her continue working for our household. She was like my best friend. My only friend. Apart that she was 26 years old and I was only 16.

"So, why are we having a family dinner all of a sudden?" I asked.

It's weird for us to have a family dinner. Usually we have one whenever a family member dies and when we do have family dinner, it's silent. Even if we were a family, we don't know anything about each other.

Meredith shrugged and looked at her watch. "Oh, it's time for you to be down there!" She escorted me out of the room and into the dining room. Meredith stayed back whilst I made my way to the table.

"So, who died this time?" I asked, pulling my chair to sit down.

Once I sat down, everyone's eyes were on me. Eyes I've never even seen before. I smiled from embarrassment.

"Honey, why aren't you wearing your dress?" My mother asked.

"Because I didn't like it."

My mother sighed and put her hands on her head. I'm pretty sure I was never the favorite child out of this family. I was always getting in trouble or yelled at for no reason. That was the only interaction I ever had with my parents. Mother picked up her fork and began eating. As did everyone else. I looked at my food and picked at it with my fork. My father came in a fancy suit.

"Sorry, I'm late. There was a lot of traffic." He sat down at the beginning of the table while the maids prepared him a dish.


Everyone was done with their food. I mostly spent my time messing with my younger brother, Christopher, who was next to me. No one said anything. I'm not surprised.

"The reason why I've called you all here today," My father started speaking, "is because the Hemmings family and the Villanueva family have arranged a marriage. Luke, Flora, you two will be getting married." Father signaled to the boy in front of me and to me. When did he get there?

"WHAT?" I stood up. "I'm not marrying him! I don't even know him!"

All of their faces dropped. They expected me to just go with it as if I'm the perfect little child everyone thinks me to be? Hell nah, man. And why isn't this Luke person even saying anything.

"We thought, since we're the most richest families in the world, we should keep it that way." Luke's father spoke up.

I looked at this "Luke" guy hoping he would say something. Nothing... I sighed and sat back down. Then stood back up.

"So, basically, you're allowing us to have sex with each other?" They all agreed.

"What if I told you I was lesbian?" I continued.

"Oh, Flora, we know you're not lesbian. Meredith's told me all about how you bring guys over all the time." Honestly, I don't care if Meredith told her. She doesn't even care what I do anyways.

"Okay, mom, so if you know so much about me, then when's my birthday?"

"That's easy. October 13th."

"No, that's Christopher's birthday. Mine's today." I pushed my chair aside and left.

Yep, that's my mother for you. She acts like she's the best mom ever and she doesn't even know a single thing about me. I walked to the fountain outside which held a statue of a man peeing. So artistic. Not. I slid my fingers into the cold water.

"Hey." I heard behind me.

I ignored the voice and started making figures in the water with my fingers.

"Look, I'm not too happy about marrying you either, you know? So you just have to deal with it like I am, okay?"

"What if I don't want to?" I looked at Luke.

"Then, I guess I'll just have to do this," Luke leaned in. I scooted backwards so I wouldn't have to kiss him but ended up falling inside the fountain. Luke was laughing at me. My cheeks turned red from embarrassment.

"You actually thought I was going to kiss you!?" Luke said in between laughs.

I got up from the fountain and covered my face. I've had enough bullshit today. It's supposed to be my special day and everyone's ruined it all. It would've been better if no one bothered me at all.

"Are you crying? Listen, I'm sorry," he grabbed my upper arm.

I pulled back and slapped him, "Don't touch me."

Luke put his hand on his cheek, "Well, it's not my fault you can't take a fucking joke!" I looked at him in disgust and ran inside to my room. Why couldn't I have been born in a non-rich family?

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