Aaaaaaannnndddd here it is, the awards ceremony you've all been waiting for! Wait what?! You've never heard of the prestigious paper awards? Of the glory they bring to movellas? Humph. Well now you have....
Read on to figure out how to win an award, how to nominate and how to vote. Oh yes, and how to TELL EVERYONE THAT THE FUN IS HAPPENING OVER AT THIS MOVELLA! GET ON OVER HERE OR YOURE MISSING OUT!!!! XD
*This awards ceremony is in honour of my one year movellas anniversary :)*


1. How this whole thingymabob works

Just three things before we start:

- This random awards ceremony is actually not quite so random after all. The Paper Awards are in honour of my one year anniversary at movellas.

- Please tell other movellians about these awards! If you vote for someone, tell them!! It will be really boring if there are only about four nominees!!!!



You can NO LONGER NOMINATE ANYONE. (If you're reading this and don't know, it was up to all the readers of this movella to nominate movellas and movellians for each category!) 


The Catagories:

Most Creative username

Best Fangirl/Fanboy (Who makes their fandom proud? For this category please include which fandom)

Movella most likely to make you cry)

Best Adventure Movella

Best Romance movella

Best Short Story

Best Paranormal/Supernatural Movella

Best Fantasy Movella

Best Scifi Movella

Best realism Movella

Best Historical Fiction Movella

Best Humour movella

Most Original Movella

Best Overall Movella

Best 1D Fanfic

Best Harry Potter Fanfic

Best Hunger Games Fanfic

Most Original Fanfic

Best Crossover fanfic

Overall Best Fanfic

Best Poem

Best Poet

Best New Movellian

Best Coauthor

Kindest Movellian

Friendliest Movellian

Best Critique Giver

Most hardWorking Movellian

Best Mumbler

Best Overall Movellian

Best Profile Picture

Best Cover Store

Best Artist




The prizes for the winner of each award is a shoutout, a fan (if I haven't already) and criticism on 3 movellas of their choice. For second place you get a shoutout, a fan and criticism on 2 movellas of your choice. And lastly, in third place, you get a fan, a shoutout and criticism on 1 movella of your choice. If you want me to, (anyone in the top 3) I can also make you a cover :)








And if you make the top 3, don't forget the eternal glory of grabbing a prize. :D Or really, if you get nominated at all, that's your name down in this movella for some really really awesome award thing! Yay!!!


So what are you waiting for? Let's get VOTING!!!


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