I just wanna go home

A young girl of age 13 sets out to find her parents- who have been missing for years. When the only proof of her parents existence- a journal of her mothers past gets into her hands, it disappears with her along with it, and its up to her younger, mute sister to find her and the journal before its to late, and there whole existence is wiped out forever.


1. Prologue

A Skinny pale-skinned girl walked along the side of the empty road, only a small cloak to keep her warm this breezy winter day. Like always, the sun never shone. The landscape around her was filled with white, fluffy, powdery snow, and the road empty, a familiar rumble of the snow plow near by. She sighed, her breath billowing out of her mouth like smoke from a chimney. She stopped to sit down at a maple tree, its branches bear. She sat beneath it and curled up into a ball. She took out a torn old book labeled The Journal of Mary Ann Agewell in fancy lettering, opening it to the first page. But before she could read the first secret, the first entry, the first desire, the girl and the book were gone.

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