The Pregnancy Plan

"This Is the Sequel To "The Pregnancy Project" I would read that before you read this :) " After They ALL Find out the gender of the baby everyone's excited Teddy's Excited to Be a Big Sister and Harry is Excited to be the Real Father of The New Baby. But Something Starts to happen after the 5th month of Louise's pregnancy....


1. Baby Shopping! pt 1

I Sat on the couch As Harry Talked to my stomach like the baby was going to answer him or something Harry Was Almost about to cry when he found out we were having a baby Girl Teddy was Super Excited to Be A big sister too. She Turned 1 a few days ago and she is just getting cuter by the second! Everyone Says Teddy Look JUST like me and that the new baby will look just like Harry.

(Teddy Has Light Blondish Brownish hair  And Brown Eyes) 

We still live with Anne, But After My mom and Dad found out i was pregnant again They got mad and told me to never come back until This New Baby Was 5 Then they  would agree To be a Grandma and grandpa  To Her And Teddy. 

I hear my cell phone ring and get up and answer it 


"Louise!!! It's Time to go Baby Shopping!!!" I hear a girls voice squeal through the phone. 


"Yes It's Eleanor !!!!! Now Get dressed! The Girls and I will pick you up" She says hanging up the phone 

I tell harry and get dressed, i walk downstairs and see the girls there waiting with their flat bellies and skinny bodies i feel totally jealous... But i blow it off 

"You ready? Oh and by the way  Niall's Coming" 

I nod as i say bye to harry and head out to the car seeing niall there and he yells 


I laugh as we head to the car...



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