Land of the Forest and Sand

A lonesome island filled with wolves doesn't seem like such a scary place. But it is if your a wolf. Join Clover, Heather, Blaze and Ashes on there life in the packs of ether Sand or Forest, and have a chance to become a wolf along with them! Just comment your wolfs name, gender, looks, rank, pack(sand or forest or no pack) ,personality, family, whether they die or not and other things below to join!


1. The History of the packs

~The history of the packs of sand and forest~



The packs or Forest and Sand started with what no one would expect- a family off white wolves. These two wolfs had two cubs- Grain and Grass- who were the opposite of each other. Grain liked the warmth and open spaces, and hated swimming, while Grass love a soft chill once in a while with more protection and hated walking all the time. 

Once they were older, Grain and Grass came across a island, just a mile away from shore. This island was full of lush, green, shady forest on one side, and the other side full of sand and desert plants. The island also had bare, gray mountains across a river going through the land. The two brothers had a secret hatred for each other, and started to argue over pack they wanted to rule and where it was going to be. Grass insisted on using the island, but Grain couldn't swim and insisted on traveling farther. Grass ended up winning the fight, and they started to swim across. 

Now, they had to stop every so often, and Grain started asking Grass for a ride. Grass agreed, and they finally made it, and had a family off there own. Grass lived with a mountain wolf named Stone and Grain lived with a mountain wolf named Stale. 

One day, while Stone and Grain were looking for food for there families among the mountains, Grain and Stale were looking for plants like berries for energy. 

Grass and Stale spotted a rare plant across the river, and Stale and Grass started to fight. Grass leaped into the river, knowing how to swim better then Stale, and started to swim across. 

Stale was now angered by that, and leaped on to his back, forcing him under the water and drowning him. She grabbed the plant and headed back, leaving his body in the river.


When Grain and Stone came back, Stone found Grasses body and was deeply saddened, and told Grain. Grain knew Grass was a excellent swimmer and found out the truth the very next hour, and sent Stale off to the mountains as a punishment, and Stone took over Grasses place for the future pack.

Over time, They both had cubs, of which had been born before the tradity. Grains fur became more tan and Stones fur grew dark. Stone and Grain had very much fights, and split into not one but two packs. Grain went to the desert and began the Sand pack and Stone went to the forest and began the Forest pack, leaving the mountains empty.

Over time the mountains had more wolves, off which all died out after food shortage, leaving unused dens behind.



Now this island has been full of wolves for  very long time, so long the wolves no longer have the ability to swim across the ocean because of its dangers. The packs never did learn about normal pack things like Alphas and Omegas, and became a new type of pack- known to most wild packless wolves as the packs of the new beginning. ~

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