Vivid Memories (A Cameron Dallas fanfiction)

Liane (16) lost her bestfriend/boyfriend. After the incident, everyone hates her.. Even her boyfriends' friends didn't like her no more..
One day, a mysterious boy comes into her life.. What will happen? :0


1. I'll protect you...

Kiana's POV

"Run Liane!! Run!!!"

I'm tired and weak.. I can't keep this up any longer.. This is my fault. I never should've got him into this mess.. I'm sorry...

My mind was racing... I didn't know what to do.. I suddenly stopped running. The pouring rain stopped. I heard no sound besides dew drops and cars speeding. It was dark and I hate the dark. I turned around running back towards him..

A body, laying on the ground on a pool of blood. I run up to the lifeless being and put his head on my lap.


"I'm here! I'm here!!" I'm panicking and shocked. I never wanted this.. Never like this.. "C-can I tell y-you something?" I lean towards him. He puts his hand on my cheek. My blue shirt and jeans are soaked by his head.. "The first moment I saw you, I thought that you were the most unique and most beautiful girl I ever laid my eyes on.." His voice sounded weak and coughs of blood was splurring out. His teeth used to be white and perfect, now it's red and inferior.. "I love you, L-liane.." "I-I love you too, Cameron.." My eyes were blinded by tears. I don't want to let him go.. Before I could say anything his other hand grabbed onto my shirt. He whispered into my ear and said "No matter what happens, I'll always love you even if you are with another guy. I'll be there to protect you from darkness."

I grabbed onto him, crying in his chest even more. He puts his hand on my head to comfort me and to calm me down. "I don't want you to leave me.. Please. Please... I'll do anything!" "Liane, I will be there to protect y-you.. I will assign m-myself as your g-guardian angel.. Trust me.." He starts to wheez and cough out. "I'" His hands let's go of my shirt and head. I look up at him.. I check his pulse, no heartbeats.. "No.. No! Please wake up!" My tears feel hot and my head starts to pound....

His last words.. I'll protect you...

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