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I can't thank movellas enough for the opportunities and inspiration I've had since joining the site! In 2014 I managed to win a place in an amazing writing Masterclass (and private interview) with the bestselling author of the 'Uglies' series- Scott Westerfeld- when he came to London on a 2-day tour... a massive, massive thank you to movellas for that truly inspirational experience <3

We asked him as many of your questions as we could, so now I'm excited to reveal all the advice we managed to squeeze from what was genuinely one of the most exciting days of my life.

This magazine also contains a bunch of other things to do with writing, reading and movellas. Ever wanted access to all of Movellas an secrets, top tips and guidance in one place? I hope this helps :D

*I'd also like to give a big thanks to my wonderfully supportive and friendly movellians that have helped with this: HeartTaunter, Raven711, Writer_Girl, Jade.P and so many more! :)


1. Contents

Contents Page

Chapter 1: Contents

Chapter 2: Sharing and saving your movellas

Chapter 3: Co-Authoring

Chapter 4: Tips when giving CC

Chapter 5: How to delete stories

Chapter 6: Username Secrets Disclosed!

Chapter 7: The secret to get more reads!

Chapter 8: Writing Masterclass with Bestselling author (Scott Westerfeld)!

Chapter 9: The perks of being a Writer

Chapter 10: Architect or Gardener?- finding out what works for you

Chapter 11: Cutting Characters vs Forming An Emotional Bond

Chapter 12: Scott's best advice

Chapter 13: Authors Worth Admiring

Chapter 14: Writing Inspiration

Chapter 15: Being an author: Best and Worst Aspects

Chapter 16: The Inpiration Behind Uglies

Chapter 17: If You Could Write A Story Based On Your Life...

Chapter 18: Do we really need Imperfect Characters?

Chapter 19: The Best Genre

Chapter 20: How To Attract Agents

Chapter 21: Advice To Young Authors

Chapter 22: Do we need diversity In Novels?

Chapter 23: WARNING- Internet Writing Scam 'YoungWriters'

Chapter 24: Advice from Fellow Movellians (tips on achieving the work-write balance)

Chapter 25: NaNoWriMo- free prizes!

Chapter 26: excellent editing aid

Chapter 27: amazing Movellas giveaway! :O

Chapter 28: Movellas interviews Shailene Woodley, Veronica Ross and Theo James! Too awesome :D

I know many of you read this using the app, and it can be much harder to see what's in each chapter, so I hope this contents page makes navigating the magazine a whole lot easier! I hope you enjoy! Please subscribe (favourite!) to receive fresh updates :P Also bear in mind that I am far from any type of writing expert (which was why I was so thrilled to get to interview and go to a writing workshop with THE Scott Westerfeld xD ) and any suggestions are appreciated. I don't want to sound like I think I know everything or anything, since I really, seriously don't. I'm learning all the time, and each time I learn something which I think will be useful for writers', I'll add it to this. Anyway, enough with my rambling, let the magazine commence... 

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