I'm Too Fabulous To Fit In

Katie McCormick is an average girl, except for the fact that her parents and sister are world famous models. Katie is automatically liked for her parents and money, but all the people who like her are the ones she doesn't like. The ones that hate her for her shallow family are the ones she wants to hang with. The geeks and nerds and the rest of the dorks. This is the story of Katie as she tries to fit in with her own "species".


1. This is Me

I walked into school that morning and pulled my hoodie over my eyes. I hated when people looked at me. I was getting more and more frequent. I'd catch people (mostly boys) looking at my perfect boobs or my petite butt. I really attracted attention, to be honest because my parents Holly and Kevin McCormick and my older sister Hally McCormick are world famous models. Without that, I doubt I'd be anyone. I mean I had looks and smarts but, otherwise little social life and yeah.

So I keep Walking through crowds of people, tightening my hoodie around my face, though that probably drew even more attention towards me. I could feel the eyes of a lot people burning through my hood, and I winced slightly at the thought. I started walking a lot faster and I rushed into my homeroom.

"Please take your hood off, Christina." Said my homeroom teacher Mrs. Levine.

I glowered at her as I sat down, and pulled my hood off my face. I pulled my hands through my ponytail and smoothed down the crooked spots. I covered my face with my hands and put my head on the desk.

"Head up please."

I hated my teacher already.

Just as the bell rang, to boys walked into the classroom. One of the boys was surrounded by hot girls, whereas the other one had his head down.

"Jack and Max, please get to your seats. Jack you're over near Alexia."

"Sweet!" He said, walking over to the really pretty girl in a cheerleading uniform.

"Max, you're over next to Christina." She said gesturing over to me

The boy named Max walked over to me and sat down without a word.

"Hey." I said putting my hand out to shake.

He ignored me, great.

This day was just starting out great.

I sighed as Mrs. Levine

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