Hazel Shadow was born in 1864. When she turned eleven, she went to Hogwarts. Since then she has been trapped in an anti-aging spell. Every year she goes through her first year again.
But Hazel has a secret. She is a Metamorphmagus: she can change her appearance at will. So every year, she goes as a new person, with a new name. Hazel Shadow is her real name. She is going as herself after all these years.
But what Hazel doesn't know is that revealing herself will have bigger consequences than she ever thought...
*Harry Potter Fanfiction. Cover made by the amazing Lily Anna Nightshade*


1. The Hogwarts Express


The Hogwarts Express


    Hazel sighed. Was this really the only empty compartment empty? Usually a whole set of them were desolate, waiting to be occupied. Then again, this was not unusual... Hazel usually walked into this compartment, then came out as a different person. No this time. This time, Hazel Shadow was going to be herself

    She walked in and took her seat. It was so familiar she could etch it onto white paper without glancing upwards in pure detail. It was hard, making friends, pretending to leave then coming back with them a year above and you looking like a totally different person. 

    Hazel didn't really know what she looked like. After the amount of appearances she has taken on, it has become hard to identify. But this was Hazel's favourite. This was Hazel. Blonde hair - she always wanted to prove the "dumb blonde" image that her hair colour did not affect her intelligence - and unusually dark blue eyes. 

    On instinct, she sat up to change herself, then remembered she didn't have to. She relaxed uneasily, when a girl swung open the door. 

    Her dark brown hair resembled her eyes remarkably. She smiled uncertainly at Hazel. 

    "Do you mind?" She indicated to the seat opposite. "Everywhere else is full - well, apart from my brother's compartment."

    Hazel nodded. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't befriend this girl - she'd just have to ditch her again next year. 

    Clumsily, the girl shoved her suitcase onto the luggage rack and jumped onto the seat. 

    "Hi. I'm Anna."

    Hazel smiled crookedly. "I'm Hazel." Silence. Searching for a conversation topic, she stuck with what she knew was safe."So, er... I'm pureblood, unfortunately, and... I really want to be in Gryffindor." 

    Anna squinted. "Well, I come from a family of non-wizards, so this is all new to me. And - what's Gryffindor?"
    Mysteriously, Hazel grinned broadly again. "You'll see. We're at Hogwarts now."

    And sure enough, there in the light of the blazing sun, was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sitting in the fields, waiting for the students to come home.

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