Irish Girl

My name is Katelyn Kyra Barton. When I was little, I was best friends with a boy named Niall James Horan. Later on in life he went to a boy's school, became famous in a band at age 16. What happened to me? He left me, never said goodbye, never answered my calls or text messages, gone. I still think about him to this day, but I still wonder if he ever thinks about me. We are 20 years old now, its been 4 years, Niall.


1. Flashback (Age 8)

"Katelyn! Come here, I think I found something!" I could hear him yell. "Coming Niall!" I shouted and I ran over to him. "I got a four-leaf clover." He smiled. "Luck of the Irish! Duh Niall, you should know that!" We both laughed. "Here, Katelyn, I want you to have it." I stopped laughing and looked at him. "Seriously?" I asked and he smiled. I took the luck into my hand and closed my fingers over my palm.


"Come on, I think supper is almost ready. I'm starving!" I heard him yell as he ran towards his house. "Wait for me, Niall!" I ran after him, we were also good neighbors. So both of our parents will have dinner some nights together. "Mom, we're home from playing!" I heard him yell. His mom and dad divorced when we were 5 years old. "Good; because dinner is ready. Go wash up you two." I heard Miss Maura say.


We sat back down at the table and started eating. "Did you guys have fun today?" Niall's mom asked us. "Yes ma'am we did." I said and she smiled. "Good. I am glad you two get along. Oh Niall your father called and said your going to stay at his house for 2-3 weeks." His mother said and I looked at the floor. "Mom! I cant just leave Katelyn here, she wont have anyone to play with." Niall said and I smiled.


"Niall it is not my rules. Greg! I told you to come down for dinner!" I saw Greg jump down the stairs and sit in the chair on my left, Niall was on my right. "Hey Katelyn." He smiled and he took a biscuit from the warm basket. "Hey Greg." I said and I kept eating my food. Niall looked like a pig that hasn't eaten in 1 month! "Slow down with your food, Niall!" Greg said and I laughed .


"Thank you for dinner Miss Maura. Sorry my parents couldn't come over tonight." I smiled as I walked out the door. "Its okay. I understand, they just needed to check up on your uncle Roger." She said. "Bye Katelyn!" Niall and Greg said and I walked across the lawn over to my house. I opened my hand, I still had that lucky four-leaf clover. Luck indeed is what I had....for now. 

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