How to annoy fictional characters


Generally just ways to irritate, confuse or scare some of our beloved fictional friends. Give me suggestions as to who you would like to see next.

Some of these are originals by yours truly, some are not.

Cover by LifeOfADemigod123


2. THE HUNGER GAMES| Katniss Everdeen

1. Dress up as Rue on Halloween

2.Tell her Snow should have won

3. Tell her Gale and Madge have eloped

4. Buy her roses on her birthday

5. Make ‘that’s what she said’ jokes around Peeta

6. Or around Gale

7. Or Haymitch

8. Call her sweetheart

9. Whenever she states a fact, tell her ‘not real’.

10. Tell her Peeta doesn’t really double knot his shoelaces

11. Tell Snow he should put her in another Hunger Games. After all, third time lucky

12. Pour water over her head. When she gets angry, say that she was on fire

13. Replace all her arrows with rubber-tipped ones because ‘it’s not nice to kill people’

14. Ask her why her country is called ‘Bread’

15. Ask her to strip like Joanna

16. Tell her she’d be hotter if she smiled more

17. Flirt with her


19. In front of Peeta and Gale

20.  Write her long love letters from Cato


Sorry it is so short :( I'll try to do longer ones :) Thank you to LifeOfADemigod123 for making the amazing cover

-Emma xx

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