Silent, But Deadly

Maria is a 13 year old girl with a twin brother who has spent her whole life hiding in a cupboard, with only storys of tragic deaths reaching her ears. When the capital discovers that her and her brother exist, they are left with a choice- enter the hunger games or become a Avox. This is a story of Maria and how she chose the hunger games over staying alive, and not only that but with others who were betrayed by there own family and friends and voted into the games and forced to compete to the death in a arena full of people willing to risk there lives to kill you- this is the 25th hunger games after all.


1. Prologue

Me and my twin brother, Hawthorn, we sitting, crammed in a corner of a dusty and old cupboard, our legs and arms pressed against the walls. He was snoring lightly, his dusty red hair messy from the moist air and being crammed up for a while. We haven’t been out of the cupboard for a while into fresh air, and out into the house is close enough. Me and my brother live in District 5, a district that deals with electricity, even so, not getting very much ourselves.

I was about to doze off when noticed a small package slide under the door containing two slices off bread and a small canteen off water. I picked it up, careful not to ruin the bread  and gingerly shook my brother. "Wake up!" I whispered gently. "Our supper is here."

He yawned and stretched, almost smacking me in the face with his arm. He heaved himself up as I gave him his slice of bread. He took a sip of water after finishing before giving the canteen to me.


"Anything new today?" He asked as I sipped some of the water. I shook my head, nodding towards the note in the bag. He picked it up, reading it loudly.


Hawthorn and Holly,


The picking for the "war" I tell you about

every year is in a couple days. Please stay in

your places, for fear that you might be picked.

This year, the war is different.

They will have people voted for the war,

unlike normal. You don't have to be as quiet as normal,

but please do for your life sake.

 Remember everything I have told you.




Your mother


The war- Something mentioned by our mother every often. She says its a brutal thing, where people are chosen, drawn to be put into a arena to fight for the death, until one is standing. She says people get stoned, sliced, or even shot to there death, slow or fast. Worst of all, its children who enter, like me and my brother, of who are 14.


A slight creak off the door was heard from inside, a joyous look on my brothers face. It had been about a hour (it takes forever for us to read), meaning our mother would be home about now. He was beginning to express his joy when a thud of footsteps was heard, and light filled the cupboard as his smile faded.


"Well, well, well." A sinister face was cast upon us, a look of distress on our mother who was behind the man. "Looks like we have children hiding from the capital.


And thats how it began. How I got entered into the war.


After all...


This is the hunger games.

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