Replacing Harry Styles

A big fight between the guys of One Direction means Harry Styles makes a deal. Marcel, Harry Styles twin brother is to take his place for three months. With the three months up, will the lads choose to keep Marcel and replace Harry Styles forever?


1. Part 1


Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry and Zayn were lounging around One Direction head quarters.


Louis couldn't help but read the headlines with his best friends name on them.


Harry Styles Spends $25,000 In Perth Casino


Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Breaks Up No More - Haylor


Harry Styles Starts Rumors Aboout His Ex Kendall Jenner


Harry Styles Goes For His 25th Tattoo, 


Harry Styles Is Badder then Malik


Louis turned to his best mate.

"You've got to get this" he shoves the paper under his mates frowning face "under control"

Harry shoves it back. "Take it easy."

"Take it easy," Louis echoes as he shakes his head.

"Our girls read about you in every paper, everyday" Louis tells him.

"They like it," Harry shrugs. "So what?"

"So what?" Louis gets serious "You’re a bad image for One Direction, Styles."

"Sure I am," Harry says as he scrolls through his news feed on Facebook.

"I'm serious!" Louis covers Harry's screen, in attempt to get him to listen.

Harry shakes him off. "Easy there, Louis."

"Harry can't you ever just listen?" Louis wants to know.

"I am listening" Harry protests.

As he runs his hands through his soft brown curls, his green eyes blink, clearly not listening.

"No you’re not. You listen at the time but you never just wise up," Louis says.

"Don't bad mouth me, mate” Harry says, he shifts away slightly from Louis.

"You’re acting like a child, just ‘cause you’re the youngest doesn't mean you can act half mature," Louis says.

"Don't you dare tell me that." Harry says, his green eyes flick to Louis, and back to his news feed on Facebook.

"How many girls this week, have you flirted with?" Louis wants to know.

Zayn looks up from his mirror. He knows Louis is treading in dangerous territory.

Louis hooks his eyes onto Zayn's eyes, Zayn says nothing and goes back to looking at his reflection.

"If you think you can do better try it" Harry is saying, his eyes never leave the screen, his shoulder are hunched over protectively.

"I never said that, but sometimes when your like this, I do think of how it would be to have someone else in your place," Louis says, but before he knows what he's said, he realizes he’s shoved the canary out of the nest.

Harry eyes darken; he turns to his best mate of three years and says:

"Well go on then Louis, mature one of the group," Harry says "See if you can do better then me"

"Don't say that," Louis told Harry, He in no way meant it to go this far.

"Why shouldn't I?" Harry demands back. "You’re supposed to be my best friend yet you attack me."

"I don't attack you. Its a simple point Harry, live with it, do something about it," Louis says to him.

"Do something about it I will." Harry stood up. The rest of the four were silent. Niall stopped chewing his chicken wing, Zayn put down his mirror, and Liam stopped talking on the phone.

"Harry," Louis called as the front door opened.

"I'll do something about it Louis," Harry said back his voice near a whisper. "Find yourself someone else."


The front door closed, everyone drew in a breath.

"Did that just happen?" Louis was asking.

Niall began to chew again, Liam started chatting slowly back into his mobile and Zayn lifted the mirror to his face.

"I should go after him" Louis began to stand up.

Liam rested a heavy palm on Louis leg "He'll be back. Let him deflate, he'll come round."

Louis leaned further back into the lounge, he felt heavy, all through their friendship they had disagreements, but they always came back, this time something felt different, Harry meant it this time.


Find someone else? Surely the band wouldn't survive without Harry. 

Louis told himself not to think like that - he'd come round.

Three hours later and nothing had changed.

Louis mobile buzzed, he looked down to see a guy who looked just like Harry ringing his mobile the difference with this guy was that he wore glasses, his hair was flat - not curly like Harry's - and his name was Marcel. Marcel Styles… Harry’s twin brother. 



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