A competition for all writers! I will have everyone who is interested sign up in the comments as either a judge or a competitor! I will choose two or three fellow judges and as many competitors as I like based on if I like the writing styles and stories I view of yours!

1. Intro

As stated in the blurb, the reason of this is to choose one of you as a winner! Much like a reality competition, you will go through stages.

First, the audition:

Comment your most precious movella, and I will either put you through, or won't. I will notify you almost immediately in either case.

The second round, will be much like the group round on American Idol. You can group into groups with as many as 4 people and write a story (of the genre that I will be choosing). You will be required to indicate which part of the story you have written. You will have a week to group and write once I have posted the official list of people who have made it into the second round.

As many people as I choose to be eliminated will be that round.


After the second round, it will be two per week. At the elimination of the previous competitors, the next genre will be announced. Unless the genre is poetry, it will be required to be at least 500 words. No more than 1,500.


We will come down to the final three, and then previous competitors and other members of the site will vote for the winner.

The prize will be critique on any stories of yours that you should choose from myself and the other two judges who will be announced along with the initial competitors group, a fan from each of us, a favorite to your story, and a shout out.


Let's do this!

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