Finding Love again

I've been in love with my best friend since we were kids, but things haven't been all that easy for instance, i moved away from my best friend when i was 14, and we kept contact that was until he became famous in the band One Direction.
Will i ever find him again or will i never see the one person who i have always ever again.


1. Moving Away


"i'm really gonna miss you Ni"

I said as i started to cry

"i'm gonna miss you to, but we'll stay in contact we'll text and skype every day, hey don't cry i hate to see the girl i love cry" 

" me?"

"yes Carrie i do i love you"

"i love you to Ni, but how is this gonna work i'm moving back to america and your staying here in Ireland" 

"we'll find a way we always do"

"i hope your right Ni"

then my parents said 

"Carrie come on we have to get going before we miss our plane"

"i'm coming" then i kissed Niall one more time and got into the car.

*end of flashback*

But that was two years ago and now i'm 16 and me and Niall have kept contact but hardly any really the last time we talked was about two weeks  ago and the last thing he told me was he was gonna be trying out for a singing competition in England called the X-Factor.

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