how to survive life: the tips and tricks

this is an advice book that helps you get through life it gives you tips on how to get through things.


1. Boyfriends In High School


When it comes to life we experience many difficulties whether its boy troubles or going through a tough time I’m here to give you the trips and tricks on how to get through them. Remember whatever life throws at you don’t be afraid to pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

One of the biggest anxieties we have as girls is boys ( this is completely natural), we all want to find the one but if you’re in high school don’t worry about boys there are important exams coming up that could affect your future for example GCSE and A levels you need to be focusing on . Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get a boyfriend in high school sometimes they are the best people to have in your life (just don’t get to wrapped up in him your friends and family will feel left out) boyfriends can help you get through things, or understand you when no one else can, however you need to remember that you don’t need to drop everything for him remember to be focusing on school work and make time for your friends and family not just your boyfriend, but remember to get the balance right if you don’t go out with him enough he might think you’re not interested anymore. If you have important exams and you want to see him invite him round to do revision and save time for socialising with him.

Heart break is a nightmare.

 Make sure you have a group of friends or family you can fall back on to make you feel better and give you the support you need to carry on. When you’re going through heart break your room is your best friend, you can stay locked up in there with your tub of ice cream and box of tissues all you want but that isn’t going to make the situation better, arrange to go out with friends and take your mind off him.

The upsides of boyfriends in high school.

They can help you understand school work or things you need to know and they won’t or shouldn’t laugh at you, they can understand you and make you feel better no matter what even if it’s a really tough time you’re going through they will always find a way to make you feel better and support you to get you through things.

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