Float and Fly (Niall Horan)

Their love was powerful. Now he flys and she just floats.

-I don't care without you, I'm a complete mess.-


1. Chapter 1-

"Never fear the unexpected."

He chased me around the bonfire as we laughed. I thought I'd make a run for the water. He snaked his arms around my waist. "I love you baby." He whispered in my ear.

The memories from the beach came flooding back like a dream and a nightmare rolled into one. She loved him and he loved her. They had an epic romance. And it all started in a coffee shop...



"Claire! Table 3." My boss yelled. I've been working at 'Happy Cups Coffee House/Bakery' for years. I wasn't surprised at how packed it was around 3 in the afternoon. People here were like rats once you give them something good they come back for more.

"Hello welcome to 'Happy Cups' my names Claire how may I help you?" The boy put down his menu and smiled up at me.

"I would like an iced coffee and a chocolate muffin."

"Will that be all?" He nodded his head "Oh and Claire?" I turned to look back at him "I think your beautiful." I blushed and walked away. 'You should have said something Claire' the voice in my head told me and she was right.

I grabbed his order and brought it back to his table. "Join me." He smiled.

"Oh. I don't kn-."

"Come on. I'm guessing your shifts almost over. Your close with the boss. So, you won't get fired." He was right Gina was like a mother to me.

"Okay." I said before sitting down.

"How old are you Claire?"

"17. What about you?"

"18. Names Niall." I nodded my head. "Let's go somewhere." I checked the time 3:45 my shift was over. I nodded my head again which seemed to be the only thing I can do.

We got into his old truck and drove. The road was empty not a car in sight which made me curious. "Where are we going?" I asked. "We are going to the beach." Confusion took over the curiosity. "The beach is in town. Your driving out of town." He let out a laugh. "We aren't going to that beach we are going to a different one."

15 minutes later we pulled up to an abandoned beach. "Niall nobody is here."

"That's the best part" he shouted "Nobody ever comes here. This can be OUR spot Claire. This can be where we fall in love, get married, have kids." He turned in circles with his arms reached out. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Whoever said I liked you?"

"I know you do."

"Really. How is that?"

"Because I like you." He flashed another smile before taking his shirt and shoes off and running into the water. This boy was crazy.

(Okay so first chapter will be Claire's point of view. Second Chapter will be Nialls and The rest of the book will be Third Person. Enjoy)

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