Gloria's Battle (Sequel to Finding Her Way) (On Hold)

On an early morning of February 14th, Gloria Maria Parker was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of thirteen. She's sixteen now, and has finally convinced her parent's Max and Mary Parker, to let her go to public school, where everything in Gloria's life changes...


1. Chapter One

I was extremely excited. Today is the first day of public school since I was thirteen years old.

You see, the day of my thirteenth birthday, I was surprised with Leukemia. Every since then, my parents, Mary and Max had me home-schooled.

"Gloria! Come on, we're going to be late!" Jason, my twin brother called.
"Coming!" I hollered back, grabbing my backpack and rushing down the steps.

So far, my day at school has been good. No one suspects I have cancer, which is extremely good. I'm just glad I convinced Jason and my parents to not let anyone know I have cancer, well except for the teachers but still.

"Hey, Gloria," I hear a boys' voice.
I turn to him and my eyes widen.
"London?" I asked.
London grinned.
I got out of my seat at the lunch table and hugged my first friend ever.
London hugged me back and said, "I missed you Gloria,"
"I missed you too London." I respond as I gently pulled back.

*Two Months Later*
I had just finished my homework when someone knocks on my door.
"Come in," I called.
The door opens and in walks London.
"You wanted to tell me something?" He asked
I nod my head, nerves spreading through my body.
Jason, my parent's, and my grandparents finally convinced me to tell London about my cancer.
I take a deep breath and said, "I know I should've told you this when I first saw you, but I was too scared to, heck, I'm still too scared to tell you, but my family had finally convinced me to tell you despite my fear."
I took another deep breath and continued. "I have Leukemia, had it for three years now."



*Authors Note: Hey, how'd you guys like this? Please be honest if you let me know, thanks*

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