An Arranged Marriage

For the longest time i thought i was free to live my life, and then eventually marry a guy of my choosing but that all changed on my nineteenth birthday.
Cover by: Niall_Loves_You


1. my nineteenth birthday

today was my nineteenth birthday, and so far everything was going good my family made me breakfast in bed. After i had finished eating i got dressed and then i went downstairs, me and my family had always done our presents first in the morning and we'd just spend the whole day doing whatever it was that the person's whose birthday it was wanted to do.

When we got downstairs my mom handed me a box that looked like it was big enough to hold a picture or a book and she said "open mine last"

Which i listened and from my family i got a camera, a few notebooks cause of how much i love to write, a few cd's and some spending money which i was gonna use to buy a laptop, and then i finally got to my mom's present.

When i opened up my mom's present i saw a picture of a blond hair, and blue eyed boy and i said 

"um mom who is this?" "that is your future husband we've arranged for you and him to be married"

"why!!! why would you do that i don't need help in finding a husband i can do that on my own"

"Well your gonna be going to his concert soon"

"his he's a singer you know i don't want to date a singer not after what happened last time!"

"well everything has already been settled"

then i grabbed my stuff and i went into my room and then i grabbed my camera and i went for a walk.

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