Enviously Evil: The Tale of Snow White Revisited

We all know the fairytale "Snow White". This is a twisted retelling of the much loved old story in the perspective of Snow White's "evil" step-mother and that is for a school project.
Feel free to leave any comments or feedback and even some suggestions!


1. Prologue

Life was super, life was sweet,

But Snow White, I had to meet.

She stole my beauty and youth too,

Deprived of everything, what can I do?

But find a huntsman with an axe,

To stop this beast in her tracks.

The huntsman shall kill her with a whack,

Then, oh then, I can claim my title back.

But little did I know, he lied,

He told me he was certain she died.

He said he murdered her with a chop,

But what I have now is from a butcher shop.

Somewhere Snow White is still alive,

She must go, oh, she must die!

So a scheme I brilliantly planned:

To approach her, an apple in hand.

But it is no ordinary apple, you see.

It is full of poison to put her where she must be:

In a coffin six feet below the land.

And forever there Snow White shall stand.

Oh, but how, you ask?

I will be in a mask.

A disguise of my own invention -

An old lady shall bring succession.


However, one thing that remains unknown:

Is that it was never a doing of my own.,

Yes, of course I poisoned Snow

But I was not myself; I was under a spell, you know?

The following story shall explain,

That I honestly meant no pain.



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