War and destruction poem

1. Balloon

I wrote my wishes up to you on this ballon that will float away,

I pray it reach the heaven,

I pray I see you someday,

The troubles in the nation have banished us from home,

But I hold on to your treasures,

I let go of this ballon as the fire rages round, and every men and women is shoved to the ground,

I hear gun shot in the distance, as the try and shoot it down,

They don't want anyone to reach for you,

They don't want to hear a sound,

I send this ballon to you, cause promised not to forget your people, so please forgive us now,

For we have wrecked this earth, we have spoilt all the ground,

I am sure there is hope in stall for us, and as I sent the balloon up to you, I beg you don't farewell us,

I'm just a victim, I don't have pennies, but I plead with you to notice me as the shove me down, as the tie my arms around, as the bound my legs, let me not have wasted my life in trying to reach for you, I will not struggle I decide as the line me against the wall, as other people harm us, and take those away we love, I'm pressed to the ground, they all so very rough, but in my minds eye I can see the balloon still floating I know it will reach you now, and as the deaf difving sound rings out, and my blood leaks away, as my mind is clouded with visions of a better day, reach out to your child oh won't you, will you try and capture the ballon I sent you? I promise to arrive soon.

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