A Different Life

When Selena was born, she spent 3 years with her parents until they died in a car crash. The three year old British girl spent 13 years in the adoption center. Selena was adopted by Simon Cowell when she turned 16 years old. That was the same year when One Direction was discovered. She ends up hating them when she meets them. But after a while, will she end up to like them? Will she become more than friends with one of the boys? Find out when reading, "A Different Life".


1. The Beginning

-3rd person- *16 years ago*

        It was a beautiful and sunny day and at the hospital, a baby girl was born and her parents would name her Selena. But little did they know what was going to happen 3 years later. A stormy and rainy day occurred, the day her parents died. The family was going to travel on a little trip, but a tractor trailer ran them off the road and crashed into a tree. Her parents died and Selena barely lived through it. The little orphan girl was put into a adoption/ orphanage center.


       She spent 13 whole years in there. After 4 months of being 16, Selene had a interview. She spent hours before her interview, just getting ready. Then it was time. She looked out the window and saw a really nice Corvette outside and she smiled. "Is this my family, possibly?" She asked herself aloud.


-Selena's POV-

        "Come in Selena." Martha said and I walked in as seeing a tall man with brown hair that was smiling at me. "Hello, you must be Selena Johnston." He said. "Yes sir I am." I said politly as I shook his hand. "I am Simon Cowell." I nodded. "Pleasure to meet you." He said. I sat down in my chair and he asked me some questions.


         "So, what is your favorite thing to do?" He asked me. "Sing, dance, draw, etc." I said smiling and he did too. "How long have you been here at the center?" Simon asked. "13 years and 4 months." I said. "Would you mind if I adopted you and you became my daughter?" I smiled so happily I couldn't believe my ears. "You want to adopt me?" I asked him, shockingly. "Yes, would you be okay with that?" He asked me back.


           "Simon, I would be more than happy for you to adopt me." He smiled and laughed a little. "Good. Now I can call you my daughter, Selena Cowell." Simon said as he got up. He did some papers to prove that he adopted me and finally he handed them over to Martha. I ran up to my room and started to pack up. "What are you doing?" Asked Jane. Jane is my best friend since we were little girls. "I got adopted!" I said and she squeezed a hug.


            "I will still see you at school, right?" Jane asked me and I looked at her. "Simon Cowell adopted me. With his busy work and stuff on X-Factor and all, I don't know if I will be able to go to school anymore. I might be traveling the world with him and whoever wins the X-Factor." I told Jane and tears filled her eyes. "Don't go, Selena." She cried. "Its only a new beginning, Jane. You might be able to come on trips and stuff." She smiled and with that, I left the center with Simon- I mean dad.




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