North a Lunar Chronicles FanFiction



1. Chapter one

North's face dripped with sweat as she walked along the dirt road leading to the village market. Her eyes itched with sleepiness and she longed to lay on the ground and fall asleep, but she knew that she had to be home before dark, since her parents worried so.

The midday sun beat the top of her head, searing her scalp and burning her face, her arms and her legs.

North brushed away a sweaty lock of straight hair from her face and squinted ahead of her, looking for a sign of the market village of New Beijing.

Since there had been an outbreak of plague there, North had been careful not to touch any thing that could belong to s bakery. She knew she was being paranoid, but one could never be too sure.

When North arrived at the market, she shoved her hands into her skirts pockets and walked into the market. Her fingers fiddles around the coins and bills that her parents had provided her, and walked to the farm produce stand. On the way there, she passed an abandoned mechanics booth that she knew has belonged to Linh Cinder. No wonder it was empty now. She remembered being at the ball with her sister, and witnessing Cinders attack on the Lunar Queen and revealing to the whole world she was a Lunar Cyborg. No one had seen her since, but North knew that she was somewhere.

North'a shoes made dust rise up off the ground as she walked towards the produce shop. Aces it was hot outside today. She would be lucky to find vegetables that weren't melted and limp. North pulled her tanktop up her chest. Why did she wear this again? North knew very well that so many men here that would sleep with any beautiful woman that they found appealing to the eye.

She rushed forward and ran into the produce market, cold air biting her cheeks. She half walked half ran to the vegetable aisle and grabbed a head of lettuce and a collection of carrots and tomatoes. She payed quickly and, with her bag of vegetables in hand, she walked through the heat and ran towards the direction of her home.

"North, where were you?!"

"Mom, I was at the market in New Beijing and it's not exactly

our next door neighbor." Said North, flicking hair off her face "Couldn't we get a hover? I swear to god, if I have to walk to that market again this summer, I'm gonna melt!"

"Sweetie, you know we can't afford a hover, and besides, the walking is good for you. I've been noticing that you've been getting a little round around the edges...."

"MOM!" North cried flushing

"I'm only saying he truth honey."

"UGGGHHH! I'm going to my room." North stomped up to her room dropping the bag of food on the ground.

She plunked down on the bed and scratched a bug bite on her arm and stared out the window, looking out in the small patch of grass that served as a garden. Hot wind smacked her face and North stood up and slammed the window shut. She checked her comm receiver and saw that she had a new message from an unknown sender. She threw aside her comm and groaned loudly, her hands over her face. She decided to get changed. Her jeans were tight and sand had found it's way into uncomfortable places. North pulled her tank top over her head and kicked her jeans off. Looking through her closet, North pulled out a loose fitting yellow dress that flared out at the bottom and a leather pair of combat boots. Feeling more comfortable, she ran down the stairs and opened the front door, shoving her comm into a leather bag slung over her shoulder.

"I'm going for a walk mom!" She yelled running out the front door.

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