Frozen (One Direction version)

Remake of Frozen. Louis has ice powers and Harry doesn't. One night, Louis accidentally struck Harry with his ice powers and Harry hasn't seen Louis in years (Louis didn't want to hurt Harry again) Years later, Harry met a girl named Taylor Swift and when he told Louis about their engagement, he wouldn't let them because Harry has only met for a day and he accidentally let everyone know about his powers. Harry went after him and he met another girl named Selena along the way. When Harry went to tell Louis what happened in their kingdom, and Louis struck Harry in the heart. Will Louis learn to control his powers or not?
Find out what happens in One Direction Frozen


1. Author's Note

This is going to be my 1D version of the 2013 Disney movie and here are the cast

Elsa-Louis Tomlinson

Anna-Harry Styles

Olaf-Zayn Malik

Kristoff-Ariana Grande

Hans-Taylor Swift

There's the cast for this version of Frozen. Hope you guys like it :) xx

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