Half and Half

*Cover by Dystopia*

||DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the songs in this novel.||


1. Birthday-Morganna

As I wake up I see a present on my dresser, I grab the letter on the top. I read the note it's from my mum and dad.

I hope you like this present Morganna,We both miss you! ~Mum and Dad

As I open the box I burst into tears it's a macbook air! I've always wanted one!!! I run my fingers on it and open it... I set everything up and look over at my photo wall, I look at a photo of my sister and I when we were 7... I put down the mac and walk into the kitchen, then "BOO!" My sister yells from across the room, after that we grabbed the cake I made, and sang happy birthday to each other at the same time. "This is good!" my sister Dakeetah told me, "Thanks Dee." I responded, after we ate Dakeetah handed something to me, "For you." she told me as she handed me a locket with a photo of us one from today and one from our 7th birthday, she put it on me as I grabbed something out of my pocket... My present for her, I handed her a charm bracelet. She hugged me, and we talked then we walked up to my bedroom and I showed her a site called Movellas!

"Come on you gotta join!"

"Writing not's my thing.."

"Ok.." I told her as I open the notepad on my mac, I show her a song I started on.

"I've been writing a song for you, wanna help me finish it? I'll let you record it too." I tell her,

"Sure." She responds,.

After we were done with that, we got in a cab to go to our drivers tests.

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