A Frozen Dream

Frozen Tangled crossover. Hans strikes again! Anna and Kristoff get married! Rapunzel and Eugine expecting? Elsa finda true love??


1. After: Elsa


Elsa sat in the ballroom by herself. After being crowned queen, freezing over all of Arendelle and almost killing her own sister because she couldn't controll herself, she desided she needed to practice her powers more. In the past years she had hidden her powers, concealing them from the rest of the world, especially from Anna. Her little sister with ginger hair and the bluest eyes used to play with her older sister in this very room. Back when they thought it was okay for Elsa to play with her ice powers.

Anna was busy making wedding preparations, and Kristoff and Olaf were busy with the new sled. Elsa was used to being alone, but to be completely honest, she missed her sister. And she wouldn't mind getting to know Anna's fiansè a little better. Her last fianse tried to kill both of them and take over the kingdom.

Freaking Hans.

In the past few weeks since Hans was arrested and Arendelle melted back into a warm summer, Elsa had gotted a lot better at controling her powers. As much as she didn't like thinking that her parents were wrong about keeping her powers a secret, even after their passing, she couldn't help but think that none of this ever would have happened if she had been gived the oportunity to use her powers wisely, than to hold them in along with the fear that made her powers more uncontrolable.

Elsa extended her pale fingers and in the blink o an eye created an ice sculpture of Hans.

It was a perfect sculpture of him, too. Perfectly prepotiomed as if he were really there. She made him looking just like she remembered he did the night of her coranation ball. Tall, handsome, smiling.

She smashed his face in.

Elsa hated Hans. She really, really hated him. He had tried to marry her little sister, young, nieve Anna, in plans to later take her out, as well as Elsa, and run the kingdom himself. But Elsa had already (accedentally) set that plan in motion when she lost controll an froze Anna's heart, sealing her fate.

Elsa hated Hans. But she really, really hated herself.

Moving her hands in a swift motion she sculpted two more life size ice sculptures. She stepped forward with tears welling up in her eyes. She put an already cold hand on the smooth face of the icy figure. A single tear slipped down her cheek and froze in place at the base of her chin.

"Mommy." She choked. Then putting another hand on the chest of the second figure whispered. "Papa."

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