Above the clouds

Second book to the Under the Willow tree. Arianna has been shot, and her world is a spinning vortex. Will she live? Or was Harry's accident fatal? Now that she may live above the clouds, Can Louis go fourth with his career? ----I look over my shoulder "where am i?" All I remember is blackness. And all I can see is white. I look at my arm and see red. So much red compared to all the white." I look up and tell myself. "Its all over."

1. Breathe

     I walk towards my mother and she holds me like i'm going to leave her." I love Arianna." i smile and give my dad a big hug. he pushes me back and says "I'm gonna miss you sweetie." I want to say no i'm staying, i'm done this is not the way i want to live. When I open my mouth words don't come out. Why can't i speak? They start to fade away. No no no no no no no no no no no."See you soon" They say together. Then more blackness and the pain is back. I'm not dead. No one is hovering over me anymore. Ugh my head hurts so bad. I hear people talking but i can't really hear what they are saying. I know i should tell them i'm alive, but i don't wont them crowding over me again. So instead i try to breathe. I want more than anything to let go, and die, but i can't I just need to focus. To make sure i don't pass out I count. Count the minutes it takes. I will die if i don't get help, but at least I will die trying.

     One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Every breath hurts more. i stop counting and just breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Just breathe. I can't breathe. the pain makes it so hard. Why is the ambulance not called. because you are a criminal. Why am i not in a hospital.  because you broke the law. I stop myself from thinking about the ticket. I try to think about what i learned in heath class about losing blood. Okay i think you can loose 8 or 9 pints til you die. I need to stop the bleeding. For the first time since i got knocked out I move. I turn my head to look at my arm. Not covered. Thank god they didn't notice me move. I steady my breathing and manage to say get my arm covered up, but what comes out, "G-g-g arm cov up" Talking hurt so much I had to take deep breaths. "Arianna? ARIANNA!" My cousin Joan says as she comes to my side. "Oh my god I thought you died." There were tears in her eyes. "Everyone else is looking for stuff, to like cover your body with." Really? They were going to cover my body? Thanks guys. "Can you hear me?" I nod a little. "want me to go get them?" I nod. "Wrappp my arr mmm" i say. "Wrap your arm?" She says way too fast. I nod slowly. "Okay I will be quick" 'tell some som someone to sst stay here with mmmm me." I'm so out of breath i close my eyes and block out Joan and just nod. She stands up and leaves. All alone.

     Someone comes back a while later and ever so lightly touches me. My eyes bolt open, even the little touch hurt so much. Harry. I look at his face and his eyes are full of tears. "I'm so so so sorry" i wan to say don't mention it But instead i just say, 'g-g-g go get-t two m-m-more peo-o-ople" He nods and stands up and leaves. I close my eyes again and just breathe. He returns with Joan and Lee. I'm glad to see Lee. He knows alot about this stuff. "Okay, sit her up on a chair" Lee says "Joan go see if any of the boys found a knife" A KNIFE! A KNIFE! "Okay Harry me and you will gently put her on a chair. They grab me by my pits. Oh my god. Oh my god  the pain covers my whole body. I squeeze my eyes shut and try to stay calm. " GENTLE" Lee shouts "Sorry oh my What do i do know?" Harry says "Put her on the chair" Finally i'm on the chair. "Try to sit up Arianna"  I sit up and just slump back down "It's fine Arianna just stay awake." Lee says as he walks away. A long time passes untill Harry says, "I shot you Arianna." I know. "I'm so sorry it was an accident' Okay. Then Lee finally comes back. With Joan. And a knife. "Okay Arianna I'm just going to take out the bullet you need to stay still. I sit up and stay as still as possible. "Okay. Then knife going in now." he says okay alot. "Ahhhh" I blink back tears. " Hurrry Uppp" I mumble. I'm getting light headed when he says, It's out. Oh thank god. Harry breaks the silence and says, "I'm gonna go get the boys." Louis. I forgot about him. He thinks i'm dead. Didn't Joan tell him? Even if he still likes me, I know  i still like him, I'm not exactly in the best of shape to date.


 *Louis* ~three hours Before~

"Louis it's Arianna, She left to go back to Ohio!" Skyler says. "Wait what did she do?!?" My heart beat picks up. "She started running to the airport I couldn't stop her' We have to go get her!" "I don't think she wants to stay." "i want her too" I run to go get the boys and we go to the air port. "Harry where on Earth did you get that gun?" "found it. I thought it would be funny if I brought it" Finally were here. "lets take the back door" Niall recommends, so we run to the back and travel our way to the front.  I look through the window and see Arianna in handcuffs. What why what. I turn around and say, "shes in handcuffs" They all say what and we walk though the door. There are to men by her. The tell her to stand up and follow them. And all in an instant, Her body falls to the floor, a bullet in her arm. I turn to see harry with his eyes wide. Zayn grabs the gun and shoots the other men with her. The lady at the front desk has already left. It's been almost an hour untill Arianna moves her head and looks at us. I jump up and run to her. She gets up to and tries to run away, but she can't she is too weak. She falls face first onto the floor. Because she was passed out again we decided to pick her up and take her to another room, away from windows. 

We all crowd around her as Liam calls people on her contact list. "Why is her head bleeding?" Niall asks Zayn responds with, "Well i don't know maybe her head blew up after watching Hannah Montana" Niall says "*cough* *cough* Miley Cyrus" "Whatever" Then i finally say, "stop fighting and someone get towels to wrap up her arm." Harry go gets this cloth thing and touches her arm. she backs away and says, "get away from me. I don't won't you to hurt me." I hope she doesn't see me blink away my tears. While we carried her to her room her cousins came, thankfully they were in Utah. They walk in and Arianna looks so surprised. What are you ding here?" She says. "We took a Legal flight here as soon as we heard." I don't like the tone in her voice. I look at Niall and watch him as his face lights up when he sees,Joan I think her name is, face. She has a hourglass figure, Like arianna. But her skin tone is much darker. she also has dark brown hair and light brown eyes. "Get me out of here" Arianna says. Before anyone can respond she says, ''H-h-h-how is my flight illegal?" "They were unofficial tickets" her other cousin Lee says. He has black hair, dark brown eyes and glasses. Then Arianna whispers "They can't be" Then Lee says, "They are Arianna. They seem to be copy righted."  Then in less then five seconds she falls to the ground. "You need to breath Arianna" "Deep Breaths" "Don't give up" "Just concentrate on breathing. We all say encouraging words to make sure she stays alive. But I say nothing. All i do is look at her beautiful blue eyes as she slips away.

  Her eyes close and I can't control myself from freaking out. "Does any one know how to check pulses.." "I do" Lee says "Check it."  "Her hearts not beating." When I hear Harry's words come out my whole world stops. I look at her body and I can't breathe. "No." Then Lee looks up with tears in his eyes and says, "Shes dead."

A/N Yay! I'm done! I spent days on this. Hopefully other chapters will be long also. Stay perfect XXXStarlight32

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