You & I (Zarry Stylik)

Harry Styles, 20 year old band member of British-Irish boy band One Direction just found out that he is pregnant with his bandmate Zayn Malik's baby. He doesn't know if he should tell Zayn or not. Harry isn't ready to have a baby yet, and with them on tour it's going to be hard performing while pregnant. Hopefully he will be happy that he's going to be a dad. He won't leave Harry (or that's what he thinks) Harry takes out his phone and he calls his best friend Diana (he has known her since his parents divorced when he was 7 years old). He tells her that he's pregnant and she's happy for him but Harry tells her that if he tells Zayn, that he might leave him forever. Diana tells him that Zayn won't want to leave him, and Harry tells her that he will tell Zayn. When Zayn got home, Harry was going to tell Zayn that he was pregnant, when on the TV person said that Zayn was caught kissing his ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards of Little Mix. Harry looked at Zayn with tear filled eyes and Zayn said to Harry that he'd prefer to be with Perrie instead of him. Harry got down on his knees and cried because Zayn just broke up with him not knowing that he was pregnant. He called Diana again and she told him that she'll be over to pick him up at the house so he can stay over there at hers and Ross's house. A few minutes later, Diana enters the house and she tells Harry that he can stay over at her house as long as he wants.

8 months later, Harry gave birth to his daughter named Elsa Selena Styles and Harry has been raising her for 8 years and Elsa didn't know that her other dad was Zayn Malik until one day, he showed up unexpectedly showed up at the house. Zayn and Harry got back together, but Harry keeps having memories of when he and Zayn were still dating and before Zayn decided to cheat on Harry with Perrie.

Will they get back together or will Harry leave Zayn and Elsa to be with Louis?

Find out what happens in You & I g


1. Authors note

This is my first Zarry Stylik fanfic. I came up with this idea a few weeks ago and this just came to mind. Hope you guys enjoy this story and you can follow my twitter: @1DFireproof1

Hope you guys like this story and tell me what you think of this and I'll post the first chapter tomorrow

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