You. (Luke Hemmings fanfiction)

Sophie is a 16 year old girl and she is a little awkward. She decides to move to Australia because of her past. She wants to start over again, in Australia. She meets lots of people, people like Luke Hemmings.

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1. part 1.

So here I am, on the plane on my way to Sidney, Australia. I look through the window but I can't see anything because of the clouds.

Oh and yes, I'm alone. I used to live with my grandmother but she passed away ten months


I miss her alot.

When my dad heard my mom was pregnant, he left her. So my mom was all alone. A few months after she gave birth to me, she couldn't handle it.

That's when my mom decided to run away and leave me with my grandma.

I got bullied every day because I was different.

My grandma was always there for me and she made me feel loved.

Since her death, I got depressed and did some stupid stuff.

Stupid? Yeah. Things like drugs, parties, alcohol, getting laid and also selfharm.

I didn't want to be like that anymore and that's the reason why I moved to Australia.

''M'am, can you please fasten your seatbelt because we are about to land,'' the stewardess says to me. She is about 20 years, her thick eyeliner make her bright blue eyes pop out and her long, brown hair is pulled in a neat ponytail.

She is stunning.

I wish I could be like her one day, a confindent and strong woman.

But I'm not. I'm just a teenage girl with ugly blond hair, boring green eyes, scars all over my body and I'm also fat.

I watch the airplane touching the ground for the first time after a long flight.

I'm officialy in Australia.

I wait for my suitcase and call a taxi so I can get to my new place.

The drive is about half an hour and all I do is stare out my window.

I'm also having a little chat with my driver but it is nothing interesting.

''Well young lady, I think this is your new house. Welcome to Australia!'' The driver says.

I thank him and pay him after I got out and grab my stuff.

I stand in front of my new house, in a small neigbourhoud.

I bought it from the money my grandma gave me before she passed away.

She used to be a famous singer so she was kinda rich. I heard all of her songs and they were amazing.

She inspired me a lot and helped me making my own songs.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I write my own songs.

I also sing, play guitar and piano but I'm not that good.

Not as good as my grandma was.

Gosh, I miss her so much.

I wish she was still her so we could experience this together but I guess it's just not meant to be.

''Excuse me, are you Sophie Smith?'' A middle-aged man comes to me and shakes my hand.

''Hi, my name is Tom and I'm your new neighbour!' He gives me a warm smile and I smile back.

''Hi Tom, nice to meet you! Yes, I'm Sophie.''

We have a short conversation but I don't really pay attention to it. I just want to get in my new house and settle.

''Do you want me to help move these boxes?'' Tom asks.

''Yes please, I don't think I would be able to do this on my own!''

Thank god I have nice neighbours.

That's a really good start.

After we placed all my boxes in my new house, we drink some coffee and he leaves.

''Thank you so much Tom for helping me, it's really nice of you!'' I say.

''You're welcome sweetheart and if you need anything, you know where to find me.''

I wave and thank him one more time before I walk upstairs and jump on my bed.

I grab my songbook and after an hour of writing, I decide to take a walk.

I walk to a park close to my house and take a seat on a bench. I watch as the little kids run and scream while their parents are talking to eachother.

I watch people letting their dogs out.

Suddenly, a dogs runs straight to me while he is following a stick.

''Hey there lovely one,'' I say to the dog and pet him.

''Sorry I didn't mean to throw that stick to you.''

A tall guy yells and walks towards me.

As he comes closer, I see has blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. He's wearing black skinny jeans, a Nirvana shirt and some black Vans. He also has a lippiercing. Gosh, he is HOT.

''Hey, I'm Luke,'' the guy says.

He has a deep and sexy voice.

I couldn't help but stare at him.

''I'm Sophie, the new girl. You have a lovely dog by the way,'' I try to smile at him but it probably looks like I'm eating something nasty.

''Nice to meet you Sophie,'' he smiles back at me.

He has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen.

His teeth are white, not too white, and lips are a little pink and red. They look so kissable.

Okay get yourself together Sophie!

''Sophie?'' Shit. I was paying too much attention to his looks so I didn't hear anything he said.

''I'm sorry, what?'' I ask.

I can feel my head turning into a tomato-red colour.

''It's okay, I have to go now. I guess I'll see you around new girl,'' he says with a wink.

I swear to God I've never ever ever blushed this much before.

I'm such a idiot.

I walk back home, smiling as an idiot while I'm thinking about what just happened.

It's my first day here and I've already met the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen.

I hope I'll see him more often because he is just so hot.

What am I thinking?

How can I, the ugly and fat girl, ever get a guy like Luke?




Sooo here it is, the first chapter of my first story.

Sorry if it sucks!

Will Sophie and Luke see eachother more often ?

And will it turn out great?

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