The Last Boy Scouts

My sequel to the 1991 action movie The Last Boy Scout.

10 years after starting their private detective partnership Joe Hallenbeck and Jimmy Dix are about to end it as Jimmy and his wife who is expecting their new baby are about to move to New York.

Joe and Jimmy have one last case to work together a simple track and trace on a junkie who jumped bail. As usual for Joe and Jimmy, the case is nowhere near as straightforward as it first appears.

Author's note

Warning this story has a Yellow rating due to the levels of bad language, it is littered with swear words particularly the F word. If you find it and can read it, you have been WARNED.

Still, even with all the swearing I might have to change the rating to red once we get to the action scenes, if I write it in keeping with the tone of the film it could be quite violent.

If you are able to read on I hope you enjoy it.

5. Breaking In

"Yeah it was my sponsor," she said to him as she stood in the doorway of the living room.


"You know you don't have to say sponsor here, you can call her what she is," he answered without looking away from the tv watching two guys on tv talking touchdowns and all the other football-related things in the build-up to the game starts.


"A nagging pain in my ass, you mean, Nah can't do that, it ain't nice."


He smiled still not quite used to her abrasive attitude.


Her colorful language and the way she spoke to people, even those in authority.


All a long way from his catholic upbringing and his father’s military background taught him to respect authority figures.


It took some accepting that the language is just part of who she is, the important thing was he knew he could trust her, the way she backed him up over his drug use.


"What time you meeting yours?" Billy asked, "Because I got called in to see mine as well."


"That's friggin' unusual us both getting called up to the principal’s office at the same time."


He liked that she said friggin' instead of the other F word, in an occasional attempt to cut back on her swearing, as she knew he didn't like it.


"You couldn't get a better indication she liked you than if she even attempted to reduce her cursing."


"You think some serious shit is about to go down or what?"


"I doubt it, my spidey senses ain't tingling, and they usually go off before any shit hits the fan."


"Fucking nerd," Sarah said smiling teasing him over his comic book reference.


"Mine wants to see me at 8, what about yours?"


"He said between 8:30 and 9 pm although mine can't guarantee that is when it will be so he said he’ll call first let me know he’s chosen a meeting point and he’s on his way there, so you should leave first."



"Good, cool, I'll be outta here in about five minutes," Sarah answered she headed back to her bedroom to pick up her keys and her leather jacket.



Popping her head out the door to call out and ask a question.



"Hey Billy, you think I need to take my other gun or will my regular piece be enough."



"I think just the one gun should be sufficient," still seated in his chair not turning away from the tv.



She returned her back-up piece to the draw in the bedside table. Then rather than go out the nearer front door headed to the back door in the kitchen.


Outside a few hundred yards away parked in a dark Ford Taurus, two figures were watching the dilapidated house.


"What time we going in,"


"About 10, once it's real dark; we go in and waste ‘em both."


"Just to be clear we do the bitch first, she ain't anybody, but we got to get something from the guy first."


"Then waste him once he gives it up."


"What if he won't give it up?"


"Then we do him then tear that dump apart till we find it."


"Why the fuck we bothering to waste a couple drug addicts," he asked sounding annoyed at being given such a low-level assignment.


"Why? Because we got orders, that's why!


"You got orders from your boss and I've got orders from mine."


"Your orders are to put a bullet in anyone who ain't me, you got that."


"What the fuck we lookin' for,"


"Oh for Christ sake I told you, like four or five times, I assume your boss told you too. It’s floppy discs." "You do know what one of those is right?"


"Yeah, course I know. I ain't stupid. He has floppy discs with information damaging to both parties, so we have to find them and destroy them."


"I know what you're going to say, how will you know if they're the right discs?”


"You won't, so any discs you find, you snap 'em in half, burn 'em or if there's time and providing you know how to do it, format them."


"Doing that will erase all the data on them that your boss was foolish enough to leave lying around that could get my boss and me and the rest of your people as fucked as his dumb ass."


"You know what, best you just stick to snap, break or burn, don't you worry your little brain about formattin' shit, ok."


"Right, destroy the discs and whack the two smackheads," he replied in a less than happy tone annoyed at her this time over the way she was treating him.


"Good you got it, now don't ask me to explain it to you again."


"You know you could be a little nicer and you might wanna be careful about who you with when you start calling a soon to be made man a dumb ass."


"Even a bitch cop like you could find unpleasant things happen to her or maybe someone she cares about."


"Hey, goomba, one of us in this car is disposable and I'll give you a hint it ain't me, so if you threaten me again like that you best be prepared to back your trash talk the fuck up."


"You ain't a made man yet so I can put a bullet in your brain, find some dumping ground and put your worthless carcass so far underground, the devil won't have far to come to take your soul."


"Right here in the real world ain't no one, not your shit heel buddies or your dumb mother fucker of a boss is gonna give a fuck."


"Me, on the other hand, I'm a cop so I'll say whatever I like about your piece of shit, fucking idiot boss."


"We clear on the pecking order here, you disposable goon, me the cop trying to clear up your wannabe mob capo's bullshit so it doesn't end up dragging us all down."


"Turns out the only thing worse than a fuckin' cop is a fuckin' dirty cop," the mob tough guy muttered under his breath, but still loud enough for her to hear.


She let his whine go, determined to get this done with as quickly as possible.


Besides, she did not intend to let this piece of disposable muscle in on the truth, that the male junkie was an undercover L.A.P.D officer.


"Can I ask a question or am I gonna get my head bit off."


"You can ask if it ain't a dumb question I'll answer."


"The disks this junkie has that have damaging information on, how does he get hold of them?"


"Huh that is a good question; it's the question in fact. The honest answer is your boss doesn’t know, he just knows he has them."


"That was a lie; she knew the L.A.P.D undercover had paid a couple of addicts to break into Lucky's office in the back room of the restaurant his wife owns."


"They took the hard drive and a bag full of floppy discs. Lucky your boss had brains enough to password protect the files on em so doubt anyone has seen what's on them." "Still sooner we find ‘em back and make em gone the better for everyone.”


The two of them remained quiet after that, not saying a word to each other, just the sounds of them occasionally shifting about in their seats a little to avoid their legs or butts going numb from being stuck in one place so long.


As planned at 10 pm the two of them got out of the car and headed for the house, they were both moving slowly sticking to the shadows.


Doing their best to avoid being seen by someone living in any of the other four houses who might be looking out the window, taking out the trash, or taking the dog out for its last walk of the day.


All the homes barring the one they were making their way towards were decent looking. The one they were going to deliberately made to look run down after L.A.P.D. purchased it through back channels for use in undercover operations.


Being a Los Angeles Police Department Detective, she had been able to get the key and make a copy so she would be going in through the front while she would open the back door and let Mesina in.


Having already done a walk around inside a few nights earlier she knew where everything was, so now she was back in, she went into her room, the first one on the right as she came in through the front door.


From her scout around she guessed the two of them were sleeping together. The girls room bed was made, not a telltale sign, but add to that the box of condoms on the bedside table in his room, the bra's and panties in the draws in his room and the women’s jeans tee shirts and shoes in the closet in his room it suggested she spent more time in there with him.


The other bedroom was sparse, the bed an older bedside table next to it with an overdue library book on top, a bit of an oddity she thought a junkie reading a law school book, there was also a vibrator tucked away in the back of its solitary draw.


She would hazard a guess the girl used this room for some solo activities.


Putting her analysis aside, she located the gun belonging to the female addict, which she intended to use to kill the undercover cop.


Briefly pausing to wonder if the girl knew Billy was a cop, thinking about that almost giving her a moment of sympathy for this Sarah Trent.


Poor girl, she thought, this piece of shit getting a regular roll in the hay outta ya and you all got no idea he’ll either arrest you or just disappear out of your life once his job is done.


“Frikking men, she said to herself.


“Speaking of, I better stop dawdling and get the idiot. Make sure he does his part and use the cops' gun to kill her, making a nice tidy looking double murder that L.A.P.D brass would be happy to sweep under the carpet once they found out he had used drugs.


Wouldn't matter to them that he only did it to keep his cover intact, no they would rather avoid even the appearance of wrongdoing and the bad press it would generate.


They had learned nothing from the Rampart scandal other than how to do better at burying bad P.R.


She heard him, Officer Billy Kyle, in the lounge watching tv, but then it hit her that the female junkie wasn't there.


She had been, she and the goon had been parked up watching when they came home loaded with fast food containers from the local burger joint.


“Damn it, how did I let her slip away, her not being there put a bit of a hole in the plan.”


They hadn’t noticed her leave two and a half hours earlier out the back door to get to her meeting. Due, no doubt, she thought to the spot Mesina parked the car.


“Idiot,” she called herself. “I knew I should have insisted we use two cars, I could have picked one out of the police impound lot. That way we would have two viewing points and would have seen her go.”


She listened to the preening moron mobster and agreed to do things his way.


Anything to avoid spending a minute longer sat in the booth with him and his pal, who when he looked at her, made her feel genuinely uncomfortable.


If she were doing this by herself she would have got a car switched its plates and got up here a bit later and parked somewhere with a better view to see anyone coming or going through the front or back door.


Now finding the girl absent, she would have called it off and come back later, but she had to react quickly when Mesina, her idiot accomplice got impatient and tried to break in through the back door alerting Billy.


Hearing what sounded like glass breaking Billy got his gun from its spot under the table beside the chair he was sitting in and went to check it out. Watching through a crack she made in the bedroom door she didn't find it in the least bit surprising to hear that Billy got the drop on the idiot who hadn't yet got through the door.


Upon seeing the gun and hearing Billy tell him to freeze, Mesina did the opposite, he pulled his arm out of the hole, neither he nor Billy noticing he'd cut his arm as he pulled out catching it on the broken glass window in the door before he then ran away.


Billy had to react quickly when he heard the sound of breaking glass he got to his gun and got to the back door where the disturbance came from in time to get the drop on the potential intruder.


Billy was already suspicious anyone would break into this place, the worst house in the vicinity so when he got a look at the macho Italian guy in the ill-fitting jacket he knew he had to be one of Lucky's goons.


This meant they knew he had the discs or worse still his cover was blown. He chose to hope it was the first that a guy like Lucky wouldn't be dumb enough to send someone to take out a cop.


At the sight of someone pointing a gun at him and yelling freeze Billy was stunned when the guy just upped and ran away without even trying to reclaim the upper hand or negotiate a truce.


He just yanked his arm out and ran off into the darkness.


She knew his recklessness had trapped her now Billy had become aware of intruders he'd be alert to any noise she made no matter how quietly she tried to withdraw. Making it seem unlikely, she would get out unseen.


Given the circumstances, Adele decided to confront Billy.


"Fuck it," she thought.


The poor kid was supposed to die tonight anyway, so she stepped out of the darkness of the other room.


"Hey Billy," she said to him.


A sound coming from behind him disturbed Billy but he was primed, ready, and immediately turned gun in hand ready to aim and shoot if necessary.


He never got the chance to as Adele quietly moved into a position where she had the drop on him.


Billy never even heard her say, "Hey Billy."


As she aimed her gun and pulled the trigger twice in quick succession shooting him in his left side, the bullets penetrating his rib cage traveling through his lung the second nicking a kidney hitting a rib on his right and stopping as it fractured and a piece got lodged in his hip. He didn't die straightaway he clung on as long as he could but the blood loss and the damage to his lung led to him falling unconscious and then dying.


Running that scenario through her head, the sudden realization she'd have a dead cop on her conscience for the rest of her life bothered her. She’d killed people before but never fellow police. It was starting to feel a lot more real and gave her and enough pause to consider if she didn’t have to now.


Maybe there was another way to play it, she put her gun away instead she took out her badge identifying her as LAPD and holding it out for him to see.


“Hey Billy,” she said the creaking noise of a floorboard she stepped on alerting him to the presence of another intruder causing him to spin around and aim the gun at her, center mass they way they're taught at the academy.


Billy was surprised to find an unarmed woman in front of him and even more so to see she was a cop.


Who are you what are you doing here?


Relax I'm a cop L.A.P.D Robbery-Homicide, Detective Adele Shaw. She tossed her badge over to him.


He let it fall at his feet not even attempting to alter his position that gave him the edge in case she tried anything.


He maintained eye contact on her and kept his gun pointed at her as he went down on one knee to pick up the black leather wallet containing her gold detective shield in one side and photo ID on the other.


"Ok looks like a legit pig id, but it doesn't answer the question, what are you doing here?


“I'm working a case a homicide well more like a possible homicide.”




“Yeah we got someone we think is dead, but we got no actual dead body to prove it.”

“This guy, err Johnny Manzuchich is his name,” she said thinking she was pulling a name out of thin air until a few seconds after she realized it was a name from a case she worked when she was a detective in the Missing Person's Unit.


“Yeah Johnny was a low-level mob guy he got pinched a few years back, he was going to turn states evidence against Lucky only thing is he disappeared before he could appear in court to testify.”


“Working theory was he got found out so Lucky has him whacked.”


“The number one suspect was the guy you just chased away, he was pals with Johnny, but PD thinks popping his pal got him a step closer to being a made man whatever the fuck that means.”


“Anyway I drew the short straw to follow this mutt from my supervisor, I watched him sitting in a car outside here for a while, then when I saw him make a move to break in here I saw an opportunity to grab him on something we could charge him with. Then maybe get him in a room to have our chat about his ol' pal Jimmy.”


Billy looked at her still suspicious, the badge looked real, but in this light, he couldn't be 100% certain.


“Even if it was real, he knew FBI had some of its agents on the Mob payroll so they definitely could have people from PD in their pockets. He had to keep his guard up.”


“The real question is what's a mob guy doing breaking into a shit hole like this. I reckon he should be beyond committing any kind of B&E so why here what have you got that he or more likely his boss wants.”


“I got no idea Detective, Shaw is it?” he said making a show of taking another look at her badge.


“Yeah kid that's me.”


“Don't know why huh! You got anyone else who lives here or come by often that might have something our mob guy might want.”


“No, no one,” Billy said.


He hated lying but he wasn’t prepared to give up his friend and colleague to this stranger even if the badge is real.


“You know things could go easier for you if you told me or better yet have whatever it is you're holding.”


“Trust me if it's bad news for Lucky or any of his mob the LAPD would love to have it.”


“Billy wasn't an idiot he knew he had no reason to trust this woman even if she was legitimately LAPD maybe that gave him more reason to fear her rather than take her at her word.”


“Alright, I guess you wouldn't mind if I search the place then.”


“Yeah I do mind, you have no good faith basis to search. Remember I'm the one whose place was almost broken into so what possible reason or desire could you have to search it.”


“I could get a warrant and come back.”


“Do that then coz you ain't searching nothing otherwise..." Billy tailed off and his train of thought came to a halt as it occurred to him and he made the mistake of saying aloud.


"Wait, so how do you know my name,"


Adele herself hadn't realized her mistake until he pointed it out and she realized now she had no choice but do as she was ordered to as much as she didn't want to, it was all about self-preservation now.


Quick as a flash she reached into the pocket of her blazer gripped the revolver belonging to the woman, she knew as Sarah wrapped the finger of her left hand around the trigger and fired.


The first shot hit Billy the undercover identity of officer Tommy Walters in the upper chest, Adele firing a second third and fourth shots in quick succession one hitting him in the right arm, the other in his left leg and the final round, the kill shot in the stomach.


Adele had a near-perfect record as a sharpshooter in the military and could have become a sniper for the police if she’d wanted so she deliberately placed her shots in those places to make it look like the girl had been firing wildly, maybe in anger maybe because she was high.


She just quickly thought not to put her shots in the tight grouping she would usually go for as a professional police officer or contract killer.


Adele sighed and nodded her head as she walked over to a dying Tommy. She knelt beside him watching him struggling to breathe his eyes darting around looking for who knows what, she doubted even he knew at that point as blood leaked of every wound but was pouring out of the stomach.


She waited until he stopped moving then felt his wrist and his neck right under his chin for a pulse.


There wasn’t one; she put her ear, as close to his chest as possible and listened but there was no heartbeat.


Now she was certain he was gone she stood up, looked down at the body and knowing he was dead, still said to him.


"Well okay we could have done this easy, but I guess little Billy just had to play the good cop figuring out my little error so I'm sorry it had to go this way but it's your fault."


With that, she turned and started to walk out the way she came almost at the door when she remembered the disks.


“Oh shit,” she said aloud.


“I don’t have much time to search and no one here to threaten to make them give up the location they were stashed.”


“Shit,” she said again.

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