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You want it? I'll make it! Just comment your info sheet and I will do it for you as soon as possible!
P.S Please keep in mind I am very new, and if I get more to practice, I will become better. Also keep in mind that I try my very best for each cover. I always will try to make you happy!


1. Info Sheet

Hello! Welcome to ~Sydney~'s Cover Store! I am new at making these, but i always try my very hardest to make sure you are happy with your books cover! Please fill out the questions below in the comments, and I will get to making your cover as soon as possible!

To get a cover, you must like, and keep it liked


Book Title:

Author: (if wanted)

Quote: (If wanted)

Who you want on the cover:

Books feel: (ex. happy, light, sad, scary)

Specific Pictures wanted on cover [link(s)]: (If wanted)

Colours: (If you wanted to choose)

Specific Details: (If wanted)


Thank you for shopping with us! :D

P.S PLEASE tell me if you no longer need the cover





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