Kiss Me



1. Chapter 1

"Aria!! Hurry up now! your going to be late on your first day!"

"HOLD ON!!" i yelled back at my mom, i hate being rushed, it gets me so annoyed.

I took my leather black jacket & looked at my self in the mirror not being so pleased with my looks.. then quickly shook my head & fixed my shirt, sprayed perfume on myself & some chap stick & i was out the door.

It was already 7:45 & i have to be by school at 8. Ugh i hate waking up so god damn early! I miss Australia.. i had to move all the way to California for my moms job & today is the day i go to a new school.. new people.. new everything..

It was already 8:15 and i had bio. I was so scared to go late, everyone watching me walk in & talk to the teacher. I hate getting attention.

I walked in & saw the teacher talking to this one student & she was really pretty. Her name was Zoe. I sat down & then was debating whether i should go up or stay.. i wanted to wait till no one talked to her. 15 minutes later she still was explaining things that i had absolutely no god damn clue about. So i decided to wait after class. After a long 45 mins of waiting class was over. I walked over & said..

"Hi, my name is Aria i'm new" as i told Ms. Hernandez (the bio teacher)

"Aria??? Your the new student? Why didn't you come up to me during class young lady! You just wasted a day on learning!"

"Uh i'm uh sor-" before i could say anything this amazingly attractive boy interrupted & said

"Ms. H i'm early can i take my detention now & then after school to finish it?" in an annoyed way

"Luke you just interrupted me with someone! Now say sorry"

"Oh uh sorry?" He said all confused

I didn't even look at him even though i wanted too, but i told my self.. no aria its your senior year no love! I shook my head & talked to the teacher again.

I was about to reply but she just interrupted me AGAIN & said its okay & just to come tomorrow early & ready i learn.

I nodded & walked out.

***Skips to the end of the day***

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