I Tried

17 year old Lola Hemmings tries her best to handle this crazy journey she calls life. She has a lot of struggles though. Her brother Luke Hemmings and the 5SOS boys try their best to help. (Hope you guys enjoy!)


1. I Missed You

Here I am in same old situation I'm in every night, but it doesn't hurt that much anymore I'm used to it, since I've been doing it for quite awhile now.

-knock, knock- Crap. "Hold on I'm changing!" I yell to whoever is on the other side of the door, as I hurry up and hide my blade and bandage up my scars. I sit on my bed and yell; "Come in!"

"Hey little sis I sure did miss you!" Luke. I wasn't expecting him to be back, but he is and I'm happy that he is. I run up to hug him. "Luke I missed you too."

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