Short stories.

These are just random short stories... :)


1. Zombie Town

People are running, screaming, trying to get the zombies away. The town is slowly falling apart, due to the many cars burning in the street, the buildings are catching on fire from the cars. People are tying to board up buildings to keep the zombies out. People are standing by there burning cars wondering what had happened to them. There had been multiple car crashes over the past few hours, of people trying not to hit the zombies. The outbreak of zombies has occurred. 
         Walking down the debris covered roads, there were people lying on the ground desisted. You can see the bodies, some decapitated, so they won't come back. Just as I went to turn around, from trying to find living people, I came face to face with a zombie. It only took a second before it came at me. I can't run, or scream, I just stand there froze. I felt I grab me intently, then within seconds it leant down and bit my shoulder. 
         I scream and in seconds someone kills the zombie inflicting pain on me. I put my hand on my shoulder, and felt the now bumpy skin. I knew I was going to turn in a matter of time, I just had to wait. I look up at the mysterious male figure that had killed the zombie. He had a very fragile looking face. He was tall, pale, skinny, and wore a long coat. I look down at the zombie at my feet, dead. I look back up and the man had left. I look around, I'm alone again. 
         Quick as I could I walk back to my house. Things were tore up and missing, things scattered on the floor. It was obvious somebody, had went through everything, trying to find, maybe food and water, or something to defend themselves with. Either way, they didn't seem successful. I couldn't shake the feeling that there was someone still in the house.  
          I walk around and find people hiding in my sisters old room. I ask them if they are okay or if they have been bitten. I felt no need to hide the bit. I showed everybody the bit. They backed away as though they were scared. I told them it had only happened and I will live for around a week from now. It took a couple of hours to convince them as they saw I wasn't changing in any way. 
         After a couple hours they let me stay in the room with them for a while as I explained about my sisters room. I did it quickly to avoid the pain of loosing her to the zombies. Someone had killed her for me rather than myself. I cried as he held the knife to her and put it to her head. I remember the pain at the exact moment in time. It was one of the most painful things I have gone through. After showing them what had happened, I was almost crying. I walked out to get space from people. 

            After about five days, I was getting more and more sick. People were trying to keep me hydrated along with everyone else. It was a difficult but not impossible task. I keep drinking water, and resting. The most important thing is that I getting closer to turning and everyone knew it would happen within two days. Now I just have to wait. Live life until I can't anymore. 

           On the sixth day of having the bite on my shoulder, I was blacking out and wanting to get it over with. I thought dying would be painless, but this is causing more pain than living with dead people walking around. It's slow, and painful. You know it's gonna happen, so you just have to wait. Waiting is another painful thing. Not for me but for everyone else. 

          Just about three hours later, I was motionless. I couldn't move I didn't have the ability anymore. I kept my eyes shut, opening them every so often to show I was living, but not for too much longer. It went quicker the closer I was to dying. I wish living was easier at this point. I just give up twenty minutes later. I let go of the life I held so close for so long. I said my goodbyes and sat there, the infection took over me and changed me. 

          All in all, living is the most important thing. You have to be careful with what you do in the apocalypse. Never underestimate the power of walking dead people. Avoiding contact is the bast way to go. Staying away helps as well. Just staying hidden, and going when they don't know is the perfect way to go. I'm not upset about what happened, it happened for a good reason I'm sure. 


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