1. introduction

When I was little my father taught me that to be a clause I must always believe and never give up hope. Who'd ever guessed that I would have an arranged marriage.

Hi, my name's Misoteo Claws.

Kinda corny I know, my mom picked it. My father is Nicholis Claws. That's right he's Santa. I know what your think and no being Santa claws's daughter is no fun at all. For a work shop with all the little elves, you'd think there'd be less chores around here but no. I have to clean up the reindeer pins, make his hot chocolate, clean the slay, shovel the take off pad, and bring him his list "twice" a day. I'm not aloud to leave this place until I meet my arranged husband and for a "holly jolly" guy. He's big on rule. Don't ride the raindeers at all, no going out after 6, no bothering the elves when there work, praticly anything fun I'm not aloud to do. Welcome to my world. But this is a story about how ever thing changed and I broke all the rules.

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