2. One

"Misy, oh Misy. Where's my triple caramel hot chocolate with wipe cream and cinnamon on top?" Yelled my father from his office. "Coming right up SIR!" I yelled as I stomped up the stairs with his stupid drink. " No wounded he's so fat " I thought to myself as I entered the room. " Why can't you just call me dad, you haven't called me that in years." He said as he took off his glasses. You know I never under stand why he always wears red and white. His white hair practically all over all over his face makes him look like a yeti. His red overalls with Christmas trees in the straps, over top of his white button up long-sleeve shirt, makes him look like a dork. Him sitting at his desk with all that paper work, which is weird because it's suppose to be moms job to check the toys on what every kid in the world wants but she's in the bakery all day making the elves snacks, but I swear him sitting there starring at me hold holding his glasses in his right hand makes me feel like I'm in one of those loyar shows. That's right we get satolight TV here. " Why am I the one who has to get you your stupid drinks? Can't one of you one million elves get you this drink. " I said as I passed the drink over to him. " It's one million, five hundred, and forty six thousand, two hundred and 48 elves, and no because only you are trusted with the claws recipe, we've been thro this already." Said my father as he raised his hot chocolate. " Oh, gingersnap, you always say that but Steve knows the recipe." I whined as I sat down crossing my arms. My father sighed nthen said " don't you have some raindeer pins clean."

I stood up in out rage clenching my fists at my sides. " I just cleaned them yesterday! Can't they servive one day with out being cleaned. I mean come on! You treat them better than me!" " Well it's either that or go shovel the launch pad." My father said as he puts his glasses back on. "But-" " No buts, just choose one now and do the other after."

" UGHHH! YOU'RE RUINING! MY! LIFE!! " I yelled as I stood up and stopped out the door. As soon as I was out I slammed the door behind me and headed down the stairs. As soon as I reached the bottom I looked up and all the elves were staring at me. My cheeks hearted up. " WHAT ARE YOU ALL STAIRING AT! GET TO WORK!" I yelled. Then they all went back to work at once. I walked threw the toy shop to the raindeer pins. I opened the door to my surprise all the raindeer stalls has been cleaned, fed, and watered. I close the door and found a note 'Don't tell Santa I did this for you. But in return I need you to help me with the toy model air plane I have to build. I'll be in my room signed jack.' I smiled and walked over to the raindeer. I sighed and petted commits head. " Why can't I ever leave this place commet? All I do is work so hard and all I get from dad is * where's this * and * did you clean up that * I just wish things were different you know." Commet nodded his head telling me he understands. I took my hand away and headed for the door. As I opened it I turned around. " see you guys tomorrow." I said as i smiled. I saw them all nod as if to say see you tomorrow.

I walked threw the toy work shop once again to reach the launch pad doors. I stopped to put on my slim black boots over my white fuzzy stalkings. I looked in the mirror as I put on my red poncho. You know, my dad may look like a dork in red and white. But I look hot in red and black. I gazed at myself in the mirror. My red boles over my black long sleeve shirt. My red skirt with black fluffs covering the bottom. My necklace went perfectly. It was a gift from jack for helping him figure out how to build a toy car. A golden hear with wings and diamonds for feathers. Oh how I wish I could grow wings, then I could fly out of here as far as the eye could see. Again I sighed stairing at my bret. A misoteo, I know how ironic right. As I headed to open the door I herd a sound from out side. I've never herd anything like it. I open the door to nothing but I could still hear it. I could tell it was someone singing but something following along with it. I walked out to wards the edge to try to see better. I only saw a figure from a distance. To far away to tell. As I satires at the figure, I stretched out my right arm and snapped my fingers. Instantly a small, portable telescope appear. I coaght it and brought it to my left eye. To my amazement I saw a boy with pure white short hair. He was holding a guitar I think. I saw it on my TV once during a shopping Chanel. It looked like he was playing it. As he was singing his face turned all over the place. His black hoody and baggy jogging pants made him look cute. His face was, it was so beautiful. His ice blue eyes coaght my interest and I began to stair. For a log time. Listening to his sweet voice. But then he stopped. Then he look sad. I wounder why. Then I saw his eyes start to leak. That's weird. He must be in trouble. I ran inside. Threw the toy shop. Into the raindeer stable and closed the door behind me. All the raindeer were lying down now but they all looked at me with quriousity. " listen up I need one of you to help me, there's a boy far outside and I think he's in danger. Please help me get to him." They all looked at each other and then Prancer stood up. I ran over to his stall and placed a sadle on him. He looked at my hands as if to say get some gloves on. " oh right thanks boy." I snapped both my fingers and instantly black leather gloves appeared on my hands. Prancer walked out of his stall and looked at the door I cam in. He looked at me. I hoped on the stale and held on to the rains I took a deep break and blew the door open with my breath. Prancer dashed threw the toy shop. All the elves we're looking at us a few started running out of the way. We came up to the take off door which I left open and dashed threw them. As we came close to the edge all I could think of was " I can't turn back now" then Prancer jumped.

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