Almost -Taylor Caniff-

The both gave up on love. Now they will take a path like no other.

When Ashlynn first moved to California with her father it was because she wanted to leave her scarring past. But, then she meets Taylor Caniff.

Will she break the promise she made to herself? Will he?

Warning- Mature readers preferred.


1. Chapter 1-

He thought she was oblivious. He thought she loved him too much to think he would do such an irrational thing. But, she knew. She knew the dead cold truth.

-Two Weeks Before The Move.-

"Ashlynn Ashlynn Ashlynn." Matt said with a smirk as he walked towards her.

"Oh my gosh Matt!" Ashlynn squealed as she jumped into his embrace. "I've missed you so much." She whispered.

"I've missed you too."

Matt had left for a week to visit family or so he told Ashlynn before the beginning of their Senior year. Matt and Ashlynn have been together since beginning of their Sophomore year. Everybody thought their relationship was perfect. Everybody loved how much they trusted each other and everybody loved how much they loved each other.

Nobody knew what would happen a week after the young couple was reunited not even Matt and Ashlynn themselves.

"How was "family time"?" Ashlynn asked Matt genuinely interested. But, Matt had other things in mind.

"Oh you know how family is." He said then pressed her against the lockers and smashed his lips to hers. Ashlynn never minded a little PDA. But, Matt has never been more aggressive his kisses where always gentle along with his own hands which at the moment were digging into her sides. She pulled away about a centimeter.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah. I just missed you." He smiled and she smiled back. They walked hand in hand to their first class.

The whole aggressiveness Matt had continued for another week each time Ashlynn allowed it for a little bit but, then pulled away. That's when suspicion began. She began to wonder what happened to the Matt she fell in love with and she began to wonder if she was the only one.

She had the nerve to ask him why he was acting differently which lead to an actual argument their first argument. Ashlynn loved the adrenaline it gave her. It was an adrenaline she had never felt before. The rest of the day they avoided each other and that adrenaline was replaced with guilt.

She drove to Matts after school to apologize. She walked to the back sliding door because they always left it unlocked. When she reached the large expanse of grass and pavement the door was already open. Weird. She thought. "Matt!" She yelled into the doorway. Music heard from upstairs was vibrating throughout the house.

She crossed the kitchen and slowly crept up the stairs. She didn't bother calling Matts name he couldn't hear her anyways.

She tapped once on his wooden door then opened it. There laid not only Matt but Amanda. Amanda? Their bodies were glued together as their lips molded. Tears pricked her eyes and that's when they noticed her.

"Ashlynn." Matts eyes went wide as he looked back between the girl under him and the girl he loved standing in his doorway. Not another word was spoken before she was gone. None of them knew that that would be the last time they'd speak.

Tears flowed from Ashlynn's eyes as she laid with her father. Her father was a her hero. She came to him for everything he was all she had.

Her mother had a disease and died giving birth to her. Her father was not the man that went bitter after her mothers death or the man that resorted to alcohol he was the man that decided to play both roles as the mother and the father.

After she finished telling him everything she said "I don't want to be here anymore."

"Okay sweetheart."

Days passed Ashlynn spent those days at home while her father finished filling out paperwork for a new home. Before Ashlynn's father had an offer for a promotion that would take them to California as much as he wanted to take the promotion he didn't want to move Ashlynn away from Matt. Now there was nothing holding them back.

Within a week the house was packed up and everything was ready to be shipped.

Within a week Ashlynn ignored Matt and Amanda's calls.

Within a week Ashlynn made decisions.

She decided that she no longer was going to waste time on love.

She decided that California was a time for a change.

She decided she wanted to feel adrenaline a different adrenaline.

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