Warriors Blue: #1 Settling In

"This Kit It Could Help Us, She Saved Me"

Who knows what secrets the clans keep. It might be too much for little Moonkit to handle.
Read along as Moonkit journeys through her life of BlueClan, becoming a warrior and who knows what next? Read on to find about this amazing story inspired by Erin Hunter!


1. Introduction

The bundle of kittens lay there, beside their mother's warm belly. The grey tabby queen gave a gentle lick to each of her kittens. The three kittens pushed themselves closer to each other and to their mother. GreyFur smiled as she looked down at them. The slightly smaller one was called MoonKit, she was a grey-blue kitten with a faintly silver coloured flank. Her two brothers, GingerKit and StripeKit - GingerKit was a pale ginger tabby, with a right paw that was white and a white tipped tail. StripeKit was a grey kitten with black stripes and white back-paws. Their father is the deputy of BlueClan. His name was FlameStripe, and he was a handsome ginger tabby. There are only six kits in BlueClan.

In the middle of the dark night, MoonKit awoke uncomfortably. She scrambled to her paws and saw GingerKit and StripeKit watching the stars that were scattered across the deep blue sky. MoonKit smiled and padded towards them. She brushed her fur against them as she squeezed in between them and gazed at the stars above her. Her fur camouflaged in the moonlight, making her coat shine. "Each one of them is a dead warrior.." StripeKit mumbled to them.

Each dead cat from any clan would leave their body behind and join YellowClan. YellowClan was the tribe of heavenly warriors that watch down on you at night. The three kits padded beside the mother and father, then curled up beside each other.

The night had passed, and MoonKit awoke as GingerKit nudged her "MoonKit! Me and StripeKit are gonna explore the camp! Are you gonna come?" GingerKit said, quickly and excitedly.

"Okay!" MoonKit yawned and stretched. She shook her head to wake herself up properly.

Just as they were about to rush out of the den, a gentle paw grabbed them by their tails. "And where do you think your going?" Smiled GreyFur, their pretty mother.

"We were just... Going to explore the camp!" mewed StripeKit.

"But you are only 3 moons old! It won't be safe" the she-cat spoke, then licked them with her rough tongue.

"We won't go out of the territory, we promise!" Pleaded GingerKit.

"Okay, but make sure you keep together and keep yourselves out of danger!" Said GreyFur.

The kits purred gratefully to their mother and ran outside. It was nice and sunny outside.

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