My Life Changed in an Instant

When an 11 year old girl thinks she is old enough to date 5 Seconds of Summer, people laugh. But when she is invited to an Ellen DeGenerous show and was surprised to hear that she was going to live with them for 7 months they decide to turn her into an 18 year old. This is gonna get wacky.


1. What Just Happened

Hi, I'm Jane Camry, and I'm 11 years old (Guys I'm doing this on purpose keep reading this isn't like a childhood dream or something you'll figure out how she'll change in the process if the story). Kids make fun of me in middle school, all because of my so called "best friend". Well, she isn't anymore, and her name is Rachael. I told her about how I love Luke Hemmings, and my dream to marry him, and she told everyone. She pointed and laughed at me and so did everyone else. So yeah, I'm a lonely dreamer. My parents don't even appreciate rock. They think that it's nothing but strings put on wood to make people's ears bleed. However, they are so wrong. Rock is amazing. It gives people good vibes and takes them to a world were anything is possible. Mom and dad think that classical is the best in the world. That people shouldn't be listening to garbage, especially me. But rock isn't garbage, their attitude is. I wish I could tell them that, but they'd slap me on the spot. They care about me of course, but they think my mind is filled with ridiculous things. Maybe they're right, but if they are, I want to be wrong. I make my own money from chores, and they think I use it on classical music. But no, I buy 5 Seconds of Summer's music. And it's amazing, no doubt about that. You may think that 11 year olds are babies, but we are more mature than you think. In this generation, kids act like seniors in high school. There are populars, nerds, and rejects like me. But I'm the only reject. People throw papers at me that says "DORK" or "IDIOT" or "PLEASE DIE" and when I get home I just cry and think about what they tell me. That maybe I should die. Maybe I should just quit on life. But my mom helps me. Yes, I know, I told you she doesn't like rock. But she still loves me. She cares about me, obviously. I never tell her about my suicidal thoughts, because then it would give her suicidal thoughts. And I'd hate to ever see that. Then, one day, my mom gave me a therapist. Jenny, her name was, and she was amazing. I had to tell her about my suicidal thoughts, and I was disappointed to hear my mom come in my room and cry because Jenny told her about my thoughts. It killed me, so much to see my mother cry like that, but I didn't know what to do. People have taught me to hate myself, but the two things that stop me from that is my mother and 5 Seconds of Summer. So, my mom bought me a camera decorated with 5SOS pictures on it and it made me so much happier. I still use it to this day.


The alarm clock rang, giving me a heart attack. I groaned, not wanting to get up and go to what I call a crap shack full of idiots. I slammed the alarm clock, making it fall to the ground. I begged my mom not to take me to 6th grade, because it was carnival day at school. I know, I know, I should be happy about that. But carnivals meant people having fun together. I have no one to be together with. And they'll obviously have a clown or whatever. That means someone will scream "Hey! Why is Jane onstage?" And everyone will laugh and point at my and one will throw some food at my face. My mom said no, and I'm not surprised that all of this did happen at school. When I got to the nurse's office to get cleaned up, a boy sat there, and I saw him trying to hold in his laughter. "Okay, hun. You are a all fixed up." The nurse said happily. "Thanks Nurse Jones. Goodbye Mrs. Hemmings." He said, giggling and walked out of the room. Nurse Jones frowned at me, seeing the pie mess on my face. "Oh sweetie! I'm so sorry this happens to you. I really think you should speak with the principle about this." The nurse suggested, and I shook my head. "It's not like he can magically take out all of the hate this school gives me because they are all animals. And I'm their prey. But these animals, they will stop at nothing to make me suffer." I cried. Nurse Jones got up and hugged me. "I'm calling your mother to pick you up." Nurse Jones said, and picked up the telephone and dialed my Mom's number. Thirty minutes later, my mom showed up frowning, looking at my stained and what I'm guessing ugly face based on what people tell me. "Kids threw food at her, and she came in crying." Nurse Jones reported to my mom. I saw a tear roll down her face which killed me once again when she hugged me tightly. "I suggested for her to tell the principal, but she doesn't want to. Jane said that it would be useless, so I don't know what to do about this serious problem." Nurse Jones told my mother, telling by the look of my Mom's face she was trying to tell her that she tried. "Come on, sweetie. I'll take you home and we can talk about our solutions for this serious problems. But first I need to speak with the principle. Don't say no, because nothing will stop me from making you happy." My mom said, and marched up to the front desk of the office. "I would like to speak to the principle, please. My daughter is getting bullied and now it's getting way to out of hand!" My mom demanded to the secretary with an angry voice.. "Of course. Right this way." The scared secretary lead us down the hall to Mr. Smith's office.

*skip until when they got home*

That's it. The principle said that there was nothing that he could do about it. I know I'm young, but I have to do it. I can't take the pain anymore. I walked to my bathroom and grabbed a blade. The pain was relaxing, it made me feel much better. The camera was in my room, the 5 Seconds of Summer one. I picked it up and looked at to straight at the lenses.

"Guys, help me! Please! Help me I can't take it anymore! Please just come and tell me it'll be okay please I'm begging you!!!" I screamed. My mom had left before I started cutting and screaming, so she will never know what I just did.

"I'm helping them. Yeah, that right!" I told myself, thinking about how doing this might make people feel better.

*6 months later*

34 scars I have on my body. It feels much better when I cut now. No one still knows, and when my mom asks, I just say that our cat, Whiskers bit me again. I sat on my bed, listening to 5 Seconds of Summer, until the doorbell rang. I opened it, seeing a lady standing on my porch.

"Young lady, do you like 5 Seconds of Summer?" She asked.

"Yes, I love them. Who are you exactly?" I asked curiously.

"I work for Ellen DeGenerous. Would you like to accompany me to the show and meet them?" The lady asked.

"Ummm, I don't know. How do I know you if you do or do not work for her?" I asked suspiciously. She showed me her ID, and one of her passes backstage to the show.

"Okay, I guess I'll come." I shrugged, following the lady to her BMW.


An hour later, the lady pulled up and took me outside.

"Honey, I need to blindfold you, okay?" The lady asked politely. I raised my eyebrow and nodded as she put the blindfold on. She lead me somewhere, and sat me down in a comfy chair. Then I felt some people hugging me.

"Uhh, hello?" I asked and I heard laugher. The woman took off my blindfold and noticed that Michael, Calum, Luke, and Ashton were all hugging me, a stupid 11 year old.

"Hi we are 5 Seconds of Summer! You requested for our help, and you're getting it! You're coming on your with us for 7 months!" Ashton exclaimed. I silently freaked out as Calum looked at me as I asked.

"What do you guys mean, requested for your help?" I asked.

"Well, do you mind if I show you it on the big screen?" Calum asked and held up my camera as I thought of their song 'Heartache on the Big Screen' and nodded. The video layer and I was sitting on my bathroom floor with my scars visible.

"Please! Help me guys, please! I can't take the depression anymore please just help me and tell me it'll be okay guys!" I cried in the video. A tear rolled down my face and Michael looked at me with a sad face.

"We made a video for you too, Jane!" Michael said trying to cheer me up. The screen lit up again and Calum was speaking.

"Don't do it, Jane. Please don't do it for us. Imagine, that, every time you cut yourself that you are cutting the person you love. Please." Calum cried as Ashton appeared in the video.

"Please love yourself, Jane. It will all get better, remember that you have so many people behind you to make you feel happy." Ashton said in sorrow. Michael then appeared on the screen.

"Please, before you commit suicide or hurt yourself, remember all of the people who love you Jane. It's not just you who is hurting. Trust me. I can't loose you, Jane." Michael said, sounding like he was about to cry. More tears rolled down my face and I felt a lump in my throat.

"No" I thought "I can't cry more on national television." Luke appeared and said in deep pain "Please don't hurt yourself, Jane. Remember that I love you, the lads love you, and so does your family. Things get better, remember that. They always will." Luke said and I sobbed as they all hugged me and the audience awed.

"That was absolutely beautiful, guys. Jane, please go with them. Don't hurt your self the way you do. Give it up for Jane Camry, everyone!" Ellen exclaimed as everyone got up and clapped for me. I don't know what happened, but all I know is I need to pack. Immediately.

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