The Adventures of Landon Moon

Landon Moon is a thirteen year old prince of Camelot. His father is King Arthur. No not the legendary King Arthur. He was only named after him. Landon has two brother, Caleb and Noah. Plus a sister Amy. Landon goes on quests to save Camelot all the time.
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1. The Normal life of a 13 year old prince

Landon woke up to the soft gentle candle light by his window. His stone brick room gleamed with shadows. The darkness of midnight was stopped by that one candle. He rolled over in his bed and looked at his fireplace. Above on the mantle was an array of swords and shields. Two swords were crossed at the middle over the middle shield. To the sides there were two shields. At the edges were a bow with a quiver of arrows and a battle ax. The main shield was the shield of Landon’s home. Camelot.

Camelot was his home. Landon was a prince. Long after the reign of King Arthur. His father was named Arthur; after the great king. His handsome features and charm made him a great king. Landon’s mother’s name was Jennifer. She was a beautiful woman with long flowing blonde hair the color of the sun. Her skin was lightly tanned as she loved to ride horse back with her daughter and sons.

Landon had two brothers, one younger one older, and a sister. His sister looked nothing like her parents. Her name was Amanda, but she insists on Amy. Amy is nine years old and has as much fight as her mother according to the king. Landon’s brothers were Caleb and Rhydian. Caleb was fifteen and Rhydian was eleven. The two were almost identical. Excepts height weight and age difference. Both with swift jet black hair and bigger builds. One things tied their family together. The deep blue eyes that ran in the family for centuries.

Landon on the other hand was thirteen and kind off scrawny. He could never wear Caleb’s old armor or training gloves. They were too big. Even Rhydian’s were a size too big for him.

A loud bang from down the hall woke Landon from his trance. He jumped out from under his bed letting moonlight spill onto his bare chest. He grabbed a sword and attached the belt to his waste.

The corridor was lit with multiple candle lamps. Red curtains draped over the hall windows. The noise was getting louder. Maybe it was a magical creature? Those came all the time.

Landon walked around the corner to look down the long hall. His sword ready in hand. The hilt of the sword was wet with sweat. As he rounded the corridor, he saw a cloaked figure. The figures black cloak was flowing behind them. A sword was at his side. The blade looked magnificent. Gleaming in the candle light like a star. The hilt had marking on it. The would sword looked ceremonial if there wasn’t blood dripping from it.

Landon snuck back into the corridor leading to his room. He ran further than his room. All the way to Rhydian’s room. His room didn’t look much different than Landon’s.

“Rhydian, Rhydian,” He whispered. “Get up. There is someone in the hall. We need to tell Father. Go get Mother and protect her and Amy. Not to mention finding Caleb.”

“Ugghh” Rhydian groaned. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. His black hair was in his face. “Why did you wake me, Landon”

“I told you why!” Landon said almost shouting. “Get a sword and run to Father and Mother On the way get Caleb and Amy. Go!”

Rhydian got out of bed, grabbed a dagger and ran down the corridor to his siblings.

Landon drew his sword and ran into the hallway. He stood tall as the figure approached him. It drew its sword. Blood still dripping from it.

Landon looked at him, signaling a fight. The figure attacked. The sword slashed at his chest cutting him slightly. Landon’s sword lashed out and cut the figures hand. The hand disintegrated into a black dust. The figure roared and charged. It all happened so fast. The figures sword found its mark in Landon’s arm. Landon’s sword found its mark in the figure. It disintegrated into dust. 

Landon gripped his arm and gasped in pain. The wound didn’t seem too deep or serious. He started walking to his father and mother’s chambers. Hoping Rhydian had done what Landon asked. The walk was short, but felt long.

Every step sent pain in his arm. Like the sword had remained inside his arm. The walls were looking taller than before. His arm was beginning to go numb.

Landon rounded the corner to the King and Queen’s room.

“Landon!” he heard someone yell. A blurry figure was running to him. It was Rhydian.  Rhydian grabbed his good arm and slung it over his shoulder. Walking faster than he had before, Landon stumbled along. The room wasn’t too far. Only a few more steps to safety. Guards that blocked the entrance moved to let them through.

The interior of the quarters were similar to Landon’s, only twice the size. Documents scattered the tables; the only unorganized aspect of the room. Except the chairs at a huge dining table. The Queen sat with her daughter on her lap. Caleb wasn’t there and neither was the King. They were probably off in a meeting about the invasion

“Landon! Oh, are you okay? Your arm is hurt! Here, let me see.” Landon’s mother fussed. She sat him on a chair and looked at his arm. She sighed. “Not too deep. I bet it hurts a lot though. I can fix you up. No need to take you to the court physician. He’s probably busy enough with the attacks.

“Attacks?” Landon asked. There are more? How many? Where is Caleb? And the King? Landon thought

“I’m afraid there was more than one of them. Some worse than what I’m guessing you fought.” The Queen answered.

Landon nodded and closed his eyes. He let himself fall asleep with his mother tending his arm.




Landon woke to the soft orange light of a fire. The cackling of the wood was soothing to many senses. He let his eyes open slightly. The room was well lit by many fires, torches, more like. Each on an individual post.

His mother sat on the corner of the table next to Landon’s older brother Caleb. Caleb had a cut down his face. He was dressed in full battle armor, and had a sword at his side. A goblet sat next to him, glinting in light. Amy was curled in his mother’s lap asleep. The Queen was stroking her hair as if petting a tame dog.

“Uhhh,” Landon groaned. He sat up opening his eyes. Caleb glanced over and looked genially concerned. Rhydian was asleep on his parent’s bed. The king was nowhere to be found.

“Glad you’re awake. Father wants to see you as soon as possible. I was sent to gather you. One of your friends was in the castle. We managed to save her and keep her from harm. Follow me.” Caleb said. Almost no emotion was in his voice.

Landon stood up and walked slowly to the door. Caleb turned it open and walked out. The hallway was torn apart. Servants were running about trying to clean up.

The throne room was surprisingly intact. Landon’s friend, Blithe, was sitting on the floor. Landon mouthed “you okay?”  She nodded.

“Landon Moon what did you think you were doing! You fought those things by yourself! Before you told us! Before you told me! I am the King as well as your father, you need to be carful! You are a prince not a peasant! If you were to die it would effect the Kingdom not just me! What do you have to say for that?” The King yelled outraged.

“It was just outside my room! What was I supposed to do!” Landon yelled back. “Can you let Blithe go? She didn’t do anything!”

The King motioned for Blithe to go. She ran out of the room. Landon ran after her. They ran through the wrecked halls nearly bumping into several servants. Outside, there was nothing wrong. To their luck, the horses were in the stables. Landon grabbed a royal horse while Blithe grabbed one of her families. They rode out into the woods.

The trees bustled with life. Bright and dark green shone. The sun glistened. When did it become morning? Landon couldn’t remember. The events of a ½ hour ago faded. All was well.





Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Sorry about the weird formatting.


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