Sick of you!

So he got sick and now I have to look after him on tour! What next?
All rights reserved @ Annadimi123


1. Today is not happening!

Toni P.O.V

"Today is the end of my world!" I moaned as we were on our way to an 1D concert with my friends Sophie,Leah and Anna

"Don't die cos Ed Sheeran will be there and we have golden circle seats hon!" Sophie said with a big smirk across her face as she knew how much I love him.

"OMG I AM GONNA DIE FANGIRLING!" I said loudly in the car even louder than the radio and it was pretty loud!

"Toni!" My mum screamed

"Sorry mum...hehe" I whispered to myself

Arrived at 1D concert!

"So Sophie who will be preforming?" Anna asked with a jump of excitement

"Ummmm Big Time Rush,The Vamps,1D, 5SOS and Ed Sheeran!" Sophie blurted

My mouth is open ready to catch a fly when my mum closed it for me 

"Do you wanna catch a fly or something Toni?" My mum said very sarcastic and giggled

"Haha mum hmmm this is weird we are the only ones here!" I looked around and saw a few boys with a soccer ball playing soccer

"GUYS SOCCER!" I screamed and pointed to the random boys playing and ran over to them and asked them to play and they said  "Sure."

"So who are we going against?" I asked with a smirk looking at the soccer ball

"them" The blonde one said pointing to a group with 4 boys

The Match ended 

"YIPPEEE WE WON 12-4" I gave my girls a high five. We yelled out a victory cheer, drawing attention to ourselves. The four guys walked over. Us girls smiled widely and proudly, and I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Here to bow down?" I asked them, earning small giggles from behind me. I couldn't help but giggle myself. 

The boys bowed and walked away and i received another thing on my iPhone and well OMG


"OMG Look at her butt!" Leah shouted from the other side of the field with Sophie and Anna by my side giving the Really Leah really? look we ran over to her and picked her up and ran over the field like hogs not normal hogs but crazy hogs!


We are walking in the arena and now my nightmare of girls screaming and fainting is beginning!  


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