Runaway to Neverland <3

Jess`s life is terrible, her and her twin brother, Jason, are orphans and have been since they could remember. always running, every foster home more secure than the last. until Neverland, where she meets Peter, the lost boy, her adventures always get more exiting! what will happen next? I Wonder.


1. The plan

                       Jess`s POV


  "Please just a little bit of fresh air that's all we need!" I pleaded to my Foster Care instructor, it was our....... lets see...........10th  Foster Home, this month.

"i`m sorry id love to let you have some fresh air but you guys are runners so not till everyone else goes.  i know you haven't been out since yesterday but...... no i just can`t." she says to me while walking away.

" we need a plan i cant take it anymore." i complain to Jason, my twin brother, i`m older though.

"i know its only been a few days but i agree." Jason tells me.

"what about that window by Johnny`s bed?" i ask Jason.

"too close to Kennaddi, the snitch." he tells me making a disgusted face.

"Right." i agree, annoyed. "so what do we do open the front door?"

"yes, that's exactly what we do." he says thinking and smiling, i don't get it. i didn't get it when he explained it but i knew its what must be done whether i got it or not.

"okay so, when every one is asleep and she leaves that's when we start the plan." he explains.



Do you like it? ill update more and it will be wayyyyyyyyyyy more interesting trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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