If You Don't Know ➳ C.H.

"You're crazy now go ahead rip my heart out."
"What?" He questioned.
"That's what loves all about right?"
© All rights reserved to FvckMeHarryStyles


1. Prologue



  I looked at myself in the mirror my brown wavy hair falling just passed my shoulders. I let my hands trace the barely visible stretch marks I had on my sides and inner thigh. I wasn't fat but I wasn't skinny either. I was in between and I was happy with it I suppose. I let my Hazel eyes fall on my clothes in the background. I suppose I should get dressed for school now. I slipped on my black high waisted shorts and my multi colored the dye over my head and tucked it into my shorts. 

"Molly your friends here to pick you up!" My mom shouted from down stairs. I slipped on my sparkly vans and grabbed my black back pack and rushed down the stairs. 


Jess and I stood against her car after we arrived at school. I really didn't want to be here today. School just wasn't really my thing but I wanted to be somebody in life and to do that I had to have a proper education. I sighed as I looked at my phone for the time 7:30 only ten minutes till class started. My eyes wandered around me as I notice all the cliques of our school socializing about nonsense that's happened through the week. 

"Oh my god they're so hot!" Jess squealed and pointed at what our school calls the "bad boys" I starred at them embracing their features. I had to admit the one with black hair was very attractive.

"Jess they might be hot but they're all assholes." I breathed she shrugged at me as the bell rang signaling there was five minutes before our first class started.

"Well I'm going to my locker bye!" I said as I walked into the building and the direction of my locker.

Of course there stood once again the "Bad Boys" right in front of my locker. I sighed and continued on my way to my locker. I need to just grab science stuff and then get to class I thought to myself. I grew closer to the group of boys till I stood right in front of them.

"Excuse me.." I breathed. They looked at me for a moment before shifting over more so I could get to my locker. I noticed the black hair boy starring at me. I brushed it off and continued.I hung up my back pack and took out my science folder and book.  I jumped as someone spoke.

"So what's your name love?" The black haired boy asked.

"Well why are you asking?" I questioned.

"Because I want to know I mean most girls would be telling me everything by now." He chuckled.

"Guess I'm not most girls." 

"Do you know who I am?" He asked.

"A really cocky asshole who goes to my school." I said as his friends bursted into laughter. He slammed my locker closed and pushed me up against it his hand over my head.

"Calum Hood." He smirked.

"Ask me if I really care?" I said smirking and walking down the hall to science.

"Hold up I never got a name!" He shouted with a smirk as I turned around.



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