Best Friend Love - Louis Tomlinson Imagine

Louis Tomlinson and Rachel Smith are best friends, Louis is in love.......Will they be together or stay friends?


1. Friends 😊

Rachel's POV

You are Louis Tomlinson's best friend but he secretly loves you and you don't know.

One night you and him are sitting on the couch cuddling on the couch watching a movie, Louis was looking at his phone and turns to you and says" Rachel, me an the lads have been invited to Ed Sheeran's house party, would you like to come? ". You smile at the thought of the party and reply " I'd love to, but I need to get ready! " Louis laughed and agreed.

You got up and headed upstairs because you have a room in his house. You went to your room and decide to take a shower, after you got out of the shower you then picked out your outfit. You wore a tight fitted black dress, lovely makeup just a little though and black high heels.

Author's Note

What did you guys think? Comment and tell me

- Love yaaa xo

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