this is just a book of Tiny_The_Turtle(Destiny Brown)

some of this book is about my life but most of it is about cross country...i hope you guys like it:)


1. The beginning when it all started

All this started when i started 6th grade and i found out that my teacher was the high school cross country coach. And my sister was in it i thought it would be cool to run since i'm good at running anyway. Some of my friends and my favorite cousin XC Diva (kirsten) she is really good at running to. the first day we had practice was July 12 and we did exercises and did a little game of volleyball and then we played another game but i don't remember the name of the game but it was fun.This is a picture of the girls team and some of the boys team.The names of the girls team (from left to right) are brayden,kirsten,maddie,tori,me,shiann,lana.we were a good team for the girls and we all got along great.


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