Blood! (5SOS) (Sequel to 'Bitten!') (Complete)

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"Let me smell your blood?!" - Amber Rose Rosemary

(Book 2) Amber is now Half Vampire and Half Human just like boys. The four boys take her outside and teach her how to eat and run for each boy. But she got no power until she found it!

One of them, again, fall in love with her because of her beautiful face.

However, she meets Harry Styles's little sister, Chrissy Styles.

She got a secret power. I can smell the blood of Chrissy's. It wasn't human's blood; it was witch's blood.

Let's find out!

Cover maker: ♕Jen hemmings♕


21. Chapter 20


Chapter 20







I pry my eyes to open slowly to see the sunlight goes through the window, and I saw the snow start to fall on the outside of the house.

Today is the last day of being seeing them or sunset before I go back to my father’s house because he thinks the boys, who live in this house, are ready.

It’s a beginner in February, and I think tonight will be good!

Hyde told me from last night, and with his serious face, he reminds me of Ashton:

"Wore conformable clothes and the right shoe.”

Harry isn’t a responsible type, but what changes him?

I realised that I did it to him and I’m glad to see this.

Now, I was wondering what was that supposed to mean?

I think that means we will walk together before night time.

You might know why we have to go before sunset and what it called as well because Liam told me what it described as werewolves thing.

It called Werewolves Punishing.

They’re in the punishing because of Harry; they know he couldn’t control his anger and also, the werewolves told me a story about how they get this power as it was last night.

Liam is telling me in my mind like this:

"We went here to travelling the world on the wood, and we were getting lost because of our car, which is broke down. Then a figure who was there in front of us as they, I don’t know who I saw is man or woman, was far in the distance and when we look down on the ground..! Do you know what is it, Amber? We got a bit together at the same time when we look up where it stands there, and it isn’t there anymore. One by one!”

Do you know this?


I don’t know either, but I know now.

Thank Liam, that he’s the one who’s brave enough and told me about their stuff, but I can see that other werewolves are frightened to say to me.

I sit up and look down on the floor because Hyde slept on the floor last night.

I can’t help but laugh at how he sleeps there as he did it as a baby can sleep.

Last night, we stayed up all night and had fun with their sister, Chrissy.

We find out that Chrissy can hurt the werewolves or any supernatural power, but for me, how can’t she hurt me?

He transforms his energy into a man before I woke up.

Harry opens his eyes and looks up at me as he gives me a sleepily smile.

I give him a sweet smile as he stretches.

"Good morning, Amber..!" Harry says with his deep, raspy voice.

I feel that I forget something critical to him, and Chrissy told me from two days ago as we went shopping online.

I was about to say ‘good morning’ back, but someone enters this room and yelling:

"Harry! Happy birthday, buddy!" That was Louis who yelled.

(A/N: I know what happened to Zayn, he quits around in March. So, why not? Like in January?) 

I was shocked to hear this, but I was confused at the same time, and when Harry stands up, he got a pat on his shoulder.


Oh, now I remember that’s what she meant to say by the present, and I feel terrified.

I have an idea to get a gift from him.

Do you know what does he want, don’t you?


I’m not telling you, but you might be surprised when I will do it!

"Happy birthday..!” I whisper when I look down on the sheet.

But, we shouldn’t do it in his sister and my friend, Chrissy.

I smell the witch blood and breathe out.

She was on the way to get in this room, and she did enter the room as she gives him a present.

You know what, Chrissy?

I want it now, but so many people around Harry are here.

I sigh out of sadness as I notice myself look down on the floor and look sad.

Then my heart goes pound so hard, and I grunt in pain.

I wonder why it’s getting stronger than before!

"Amber! Don’t!” That sounds a desperate person, Luke Hemmings, says in my mind.

I love you, Luke, but I want to give Harry something good!

I stand up from the bed to see the door and run speed to get outside as I pant out of heaviness.

Remember I'm still human, and that means I get used to it!

I breathe in that the wind breeze through my hair and my body and I sigh out of heaviness.

It's so sweet and so refreshing!

Do you know that the frozen or chilled never bother on the vampires?

Me too!

Half-humans people are cold enough, but I’m so different from them!

I look down on the ground, and I sigh out of sadness as I can hear that my heartbeat pound once.

But it’s also sad; I have to go back to my house and..!

I look up at the wood, and I saw the snow start to fall.

The wood is so lonely and beautiful as well!

I will miss it, but my father wants me to stay at home because of my eternal power, he fears that I'm too strange other than the people.

I also miss my friends, the werewolves, Chrissy, Troy, Lolly and my outside friends from London.

"Amber?" That was Harry call me out.

"Yes..!" I respond so quickly and softly.

I turn around to see him with his worried face, and I start to stroll toward where he stands there.

"What's wrong?" Harry asks with his worried tone.

His voice with his rasp voice makes me miss it more than him, and I feel so sad.

My heart goes to pound again.

I put my hand on my chest, and I let my groaning out of my mouth.

What if Luke punch on his face, he will kiss me?

I look down on my chest, and the stabbing sound goes through my heart.

No, I will kiss him!

What about his new girlfriend in the future?!

No, I still want it!

"Amber..? What's wrong?!" That was Liam calls out to me and asks.


Everyone who didn't wants to see me kiss their younger bandmate and their best friend.

I look up at Liam's face, and then I feel the tear was in my eyes as I pant out of heaviness.

No, no, no!

Please, don't do it!

My heartbeat raised to let them hears it, and I can feel my breath got blocked.

"I-I-I got to go!" I shudder with my breath problem.

I was about to run away from them, the werewolves, but one of them wrap around my waist quickly, and I was struggling to pull its stronger grips as it tried to pull me up on his chest from the ground.

It's hard to let it go, but he IS a younger strongest for one of the werewolves.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa!" That was Harry says.

He put me down on the ground slowly as I lose my hand down, and his hand was still on my waist.

I already give up because he holds me from the back of mine!

I look around to see random stuff until I spot Chrissy was standing on the front door.

Chrissy, I’m sorry!

I want to give him a present that he’ll be happy.

I'm sure you’ll understand why he wants this!

I sigh out of sadness, and Chrissy looks confused to see me.

I turn around to see his face so quickly and give him a quick kiss on his lip.

I pull away from his mouth to see his confused and handsome face.

I sigh out of depression, and I groaned when I heard my heart goes pound.

I knew it!

He didn't like it!

"Amber..?! W-what was that? Why are you doing this to me?” Harry questioned with his confused tone.

I sigh out of grieving and look down on the ground when I heard that my heart goes hammer again.

I’m sorry, Chrissy, Hyde!

You know, I’m going home!

I was getting ready to run, and when he let his hand go of my waist, I runoff quick as I can.

"AMBER!!!" Harry shouts.

Goodbye, everyone, and thank you for looking after me.

Especially for you, Harry and Chrissy, thank you from taking care of me!

When I arrived at my house, I stop to get in the front of the locked gate, and with that, someone opens the front door as that was..!






Luke P.O.V

I read everything in her mind, and I can imagine punching on Harry’s handsome face, but I can’t do it to him.

Amber is the one who starts to kiss him, and I guess she will become a hybrid soon.


Chrissy told us before we become full vampires.

I knew she never says this story to Amber.

I suppose that's a reason why Chrissy want to say to her and I understand that Harry remembered this story..!

I sigh out of sadness, and I feel Cal turns left to see the front door as he walks toward the stair.

The stairs are next by the front door, but I stop him from walking to get Sabrina.

"Cal, are you staying to say hello to Amber?" I questioned.

He responded nothing, but he did shake his head, and I still lock on the door when I saw him in the corner of my eyes.

Even now, she’s on the way to enter our house; I was standing in front of the door.

I was waiting for her to come here.

I want her to tell me that she's joking, but she lets her feeling free as I want to tell her how much I love her!

I sigh out of depression when Cal continues to walk up the stairs, and I look down while I chuckle a little.

He stood on the top of the stairs when he heard my laugher, and he finally says something to me with his anger tone:

"How about you, Justin? How did you face this kisser? A girl like Amber?"

I turn my lip down; a smiley face turns into hatred face, and we say nothing more than we questioned each other.

Yes, I was a little mad at Amber and was angry about this kiss scene because I don’t like it!

Harry’s right, even though he was confused, but what the hell was that?

I close my eyes when I feel my body is a little shaking, and I open my eyes while I look up at the front door.

Oh, well, that’s okay because she's strong enough than any of people!

Her father, Mr Rosemary, knows that and so did I because I read his mind earlier.

Oh, here Amber comes!

I opened the front door when I heard her footstep through the wood, and I take a single step away from the entrance to see her.

We went silent, and we were staring at each other.

It’s noon, but I'm going to make sure if the sunlight will affect on my skin and I don't care about this as long as I have to see her face!

Where will she go if she's going to be late?

If I can step into the sunlight because my skin will be burning.

Look like the legend is true!

We can't go out during the sunshine, and we only come out during sunset and nightlight.

"Luke!" Amber shouts with her sad tone.

I sigh out of sorrow.

I should know that I shouldn’t be angry at her, and I also know that she is what I face with my bold look on my face.

There is next time; I’ll be facing to meet Harry and say something hastily.

I will do it.

"Amber, you know that I can read everyone's minds one by one and Chrissy too!” I pause.

She looks down on the ground as slow as she can, and she groans in pain.

"I have to tell you a story about-" I pause as my lip sealed by a spell and my voice as well.

With that, I look down and put my hand on my lip to feel nothing.

What powerful magic is it?

Oh, wait!

Is it you-

I look around to see there are figures, but I can smell types of blood from far away, and I can scent that was a witch and werewolf who relation to brother and sister.

Oh, it's you, Harry and Chrissy Styles.

Chrissy, can you let my lip and voice go of your magic power or something?

She did let me go and give me a voice back to me.

'I haven't told Amber, but I want to be the one who tells her, and I don't think that she's ready for this story. Don't tell her yet!' That was Chrissy for me to read her mind.

Do you know what's weird, Chrissy?

For you to trust me, it's getting mysterious..!

Do I need to know why?

'Luke, tell Amber I'll be waiting at the wood, please?' I read Harry's mind.

Of course, I was surprised at his begging stage like he never says it to me, but I got to respect him.

"Harry wants to see you in wood, Amber, and be quick as you can before your father comes along,” I say it aloud for him.

"Alright! I’ll be right back..!” Amber says with her sad tone.

She’s gone, and I’m sure she’ll be back as she can.

Yes, that's right, I did read Mr Rosemary's mind, but he only says to me:

'Luke, can you bring my daughter to my office now?'

Chrissy, I hope that all of it has to be over..!

I sigh out of sadness when I put my hand in my jean pocket and look up at the sky at the same time.

Amber, there’s something that I need to tell you, and I know you wouldn’t like it!



Hi, everyone!

I need to tell you something..!

The ending is coming soon.

It now has four more chapters and then finishes..!

So, yeah!

There have the third book if you want to!

Be prepared!


Take care!

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