The Hunger Games *alternative cover*

This is my alternate cover for the Project Remix competition, inspired by The Hunger Games... one of my favourite trilogies :D
To make it (hopefully!) more interesting I combined a hand-drawing with graphic design tools on my computer. Hope you enjoy :)


1. Designing The Cover

I love designing things for fun, but this competition has inspired me to actually try to design something for a competition; I'd love to know what you all think of it! I've combined hand-drawings and effects on Word (as well as an cool text generator online, which I then manipulated to suit the atmosphere and ideas of the design) to create the final thing. Once the final cover was complete, I used the cover editor on Movellas to add some final touches and a splattered white border.

1. Firstly, I brainstormed ideas in lots of very rough sketches. As I developed my initial idea, I began to add annotations to my ideas, noting uses of colour, symbols etc. and how they link with the story:



2. Then I began to work on the final idea. This is the final drawing that I used (sorry about the dodgy fingers, for some reason I found it difficult to draw the three-fingered salute from a side view). This was the scanned version onto my computer, but I made sure the background stayed white so it was easier to remove the background and edit it onto the rest of my cover, which I designed on Word:


3. Using some editing on Word, I smoothed out any imperfections using effects (because I used a red marker to fill in their silhouettes, the colouring looked bold but a bit uneven):


3. Removing the white background, I edited the drawing onto the rest of the cover that I'd already created (to create little things like the way it seems like light is shining from their eyes). This was my (almost) final design:


4. Finally I added the 'Aqua' effect before publishing this movella, since the design is fairly simplistic, I thought the hints of red and blue in the background would add some depth. In addition, the Chrome effect was used to give the colours some added strength. I also thought blue was a subtle touch to represent hope:

Note: in an actual book cover, I think the cover would look better without the white splattered boarder. But for some reason I now cannot change it, but I hope it won't make a difference in terms of judging.

Use of imagery: I drew the silhouettes of Katniss and Peeta's faces and the barbed-wire heart by hand and then edited them on Microsoft Word. The barbed-wire-heart represents their complicated relationship and the way any love they have can be manipulated to hurt them. In addition, their heads inside the barbed wire repesnts how they are both trapped within the confines of the arena. Similarly, the text of 'The Hunger Games' is slightly cracked and red, which represents the unforgiving brutality of the arena. Nevertheless, their hands breaking from the barbed wire in a three-fingered salute (which also represents their connection with Distict 12) forebodes their united rebellion.

Finally, the arrow symbolises Katniss' talent for artery and how key it is for her survival in the arena. However, I've also tried to weave in a deeper meaning due to the connotations of Cupid's bow and arrow, which mirrors themes in The Hunger Games. Cupid is like Katniss, because of the underestimated power she has (e.g. Peeta to Haymich before The Hunger Games: "she has no idea, the effect she can have"), which can be linked to her power to manipulate Peeta and Gale's emotions, without even realising it. Asides from love, it can also represent her power over people in general (e.g. it is mentioned that Peeta's mother is betting on Katniss, instead of him, since Katniss seems like she can win it).  And behind Snow's back, Katniss is defying the odds. Behind his back, Katniss is becoming the symbol of hope. And guess what literally sprouts from Cupid's back? Wings, a representation of freedom, just like the wings of the Mockingjay.

Use of colour: I decided to use a bold red to signify the bloodshed and also foreshadow their complicated love. The use of black in the background was used to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere, representing death and the unknown., but with a hint of blue to represent hope. In addition, a gradient of yellow and orange for the text and arrow are used to signify flames since Katniss is the 'Girl On Fire' and likewise, the font for Suzanne Collins' name is meant to look like flickering flames.

Anyway, I hope you like it and my explanations haven't bored you xD

Please note: I have noticed that when reading this on my iPhone and iPod, the images appear in the wrong places on the movellas app and the spacing is also different to how I wrote this. This may be just me, but if it's happened to you too, then I recommend viewing it from the internet version using a computer :) Thanks for taking the time to read/ view this, it means a lot :D

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