Grandma's House

Hi im red riding hood.. jk... im lavender shaw.
im the blood of pure light magic, and i'm crazy about my passion day ceremony. its when i discover what lies in my future and what was in my past. Before all this happens though, i must see my grandmother, she's awfully ill. i get to move into her place if she dies. Not that i want her to! its just that it is crazy spooky over there. and all the dogs are silent over there, except for one howl on full moon.... could it be.......?


1. ,,,,,,,,,,,


Long before we left the city four years ago, and moved to the country, I thought moving to a country plain without friends or family around was a stupid choice for a guy like my dad. To my defense, I didn't know what mystery it would bring.

     I wasn't that excited when I found out. I had just come home from school, and my dad was selling the house.

   "Dad, what are you doing?" I knew well what was happening, but I refused to think that my dad, the richest guy on the block, who has won twenty 'greatest idea awards' for giving constructional ideas to every construction business company there is, was selling our 40,000 dollar house.

     "Well, honey," He paused as he waved away the social worker away, "I'm selling the house so we can go give some other country hillside a makeover." My dad thinks that adding the words makeover and beauty shop fashion to his sentences will make me do everything. Well, usually it works, but this time, NOT A CHANCE.

     "Daddy, why are we moving?" I knew that moving to another countryside would limit my time with my friends to... um.. ZERO! So this one isn't going to slip.

    "I got a new job down south. You can see more of those flowers you like painting there. Plus, we're staying with Grandma!" He smiled down at me to show that we aren't backing out of this deal. "And, when we're done, we'll come back as often as you want to see your friends for as long as you want. Okay?" 

      I know that Dad has been through a lot..... with the divorce with Mom and single handedly taking care of a girl that is "maturing" as he calls it. I mean, I love my Dad and all, but moving again isn't really what I want to do. I made lots of friends here when we did his city "makeover", and I don't want to lose them so easily. 

    I know that my dad is also trying to do what's best for me, and I love and appreciate that very much. My dad isn't a very elegant man. He works from home and buys whatever I want, but mainly the maids take care of everything else. My father is tall and very lean and also very healthy. He reminds me of the Mad Hatter off of Alice in Wonderland. He showed Alice lots of love and he cared for her while she was there with him. But, very unlike the Hatter, he is strictly white collar and high quality business.

    "We aren't moving permanently.... Just until we settle in with Grandma's house so you're not a stranger and you feel okay when you move out.." Dad is still uneasy about me moving into a house by a creek with no maids. He promised that he would construct on it as soon as Grandma is expired. Which sounded sort of harsh, but hey, people do get old.

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